Dollar Falls After Obama Win

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dollars-moneyAfter President Obama’s reelection win, the U.S. dollar dropped against all but two of is 16 major peers, amidst speculation that the U.S. will maintain the Federal Reserve’s current monetary stimulus policies.

On Wednesday, the dollar fell 0.3 percent to $1.2848 per euro after falling 0.1 percent yesterday. Mitt Romney had disagreed with the Federal Reserve’s policies and had announced plans to replace Chairman Ben Bernanke in 2014.

One expert said, “The idea of unchanged Fed policy is slightly supportive of equities, slightly weaker dollar, and I think that is how people are playing it today.” Read more at Bloomberg News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. soon the dollar will be worthless, cause the country will be bankrupt & your money won’t be able to help you.

    save yourself now & head to eretz yisroel before this happens & then you can change to shekalim

  2. This is good! The dollar has gained against major currencies during Obama’s tenure and that makes US exports more expensive outside the US. I would like to see a small amount of inflation to counteract the 2008-2009 deflation from which much of the country has yet to recover.


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