Donald Trump Celebrates the Birth of an Ainikel

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Ivanka Trump, daughter of presidential candidate Donald Trump, celebrated the birth of a son today.

Theodore James Kushner was born at 5:43 p.m. EDT.

Ivanka and her husband Jared shared the news on Instagram.

The baby is a brother to Arabella and Joseph.



  1. Please put the word “einikel” in quotes, or change to grandchild. zirmas susim zirmasam, and ger shenisgayer kekatan shenolad dami, so neither Ivanka nor the child has any relationship to Donald.

  2. Ger shenisgayer kekatan shenolad dami, and zirmas susim zirmasam, so neither Ivanka nor the child has any relationship to Donald. Please change the wording or add a disclaimer to reflect normative halacha.

  3. Will Metzitah Bpeh be performed on the baby? Will there be Arbes and Beer at the Sholom Zochor? Will there be a vach nacht? Will Donald be the Sandek?

  4. So where will the Shalom Zachor take place? I hope there won’t be any shailos of yayin nesech. Please post where & when the bris will be. Im sure his good buddy Michael Savage will be maskim to be the kvater or maybe even sandik. This way he can make sure the metzitza bipeh is done correctly. I would love to get the kibud of krias hasheim.

  5. “Theodore” meand “divine gift”, and “James” is a derivative of “Yaakov”. So the Hebrew name might be “Nesanel Yaakov”. Or it might be Chaim Mudche.


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