Donald Trump Makes Surprise Call To Al Sharpton

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Al Sharpton got a surprise phone call Thursday morning — from President-elect Donald Trump, THE NY POST reports.

The rabble-rousing preacher, who was convening a meeting of his National Action Network board of directors, said Trump called out of the blue. “We did talk briefly. I was surprised and candid about our sharp disagreements and so was he,” Sharpton said.

A sharp Trump critic during the campaign, Sharpton said it’s important to have a dialogue with political foes to try to find common ground. “He met with Mayor de Blasio who is critical, like I am, of him,” he said.




  1. This fellow is amassing a fortune on the back of his constituents.
    He thrives on divisiveness because his income depends on it.
    Despicable fellow!

  2. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Sharpton just got the word from the POTUSE that he falls into the latter category.


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