Donald Trump Wants 2012ers To Quit For Mitt Romney

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trumpDonald Trump called the Republican presidential candidates who aren’t Mitt Romney “disgraceful” Monday for refusing to drop out of the race, as the real estate mogul kicked off the week by insisting that the former Massachusetts governor is the obvious eventual nominee.

“It’s not game over [yet] because nobody gets out. I mean, Rick Santorum, who lost by 18 or 19 points running for the Senate in Pennsylvania, just keeps going and going,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.” “What does he have to lose by staying in? So he just doesn’t get out.”

When Fox News correspondent Gretchen Carlson chimed in to note that Santorum has been winning some states in the GOP primary, Trump responded, “He’s not going to win and it’s not going to happen. In my opinion, it’s not going to happen and the one that’s winning is Obama.”

He added, “At a certain point, you have to get behind a person and you have to start going after Obama and not each other. And what the Republicans are doing is disgraceful.”

Trump, who has been an outspoken supporter of Romney since formally announcing his endorsement last month, noted that he had considered a prolonged nomination process acceptable for a while, but that the time has now come for the competition to stop.

“It’s getting to be tedious. Romney’s going to win and I think it’s now time for us to focus on Obama, which we’re not doing,” he said. “If they are good Republicans, they’re going to say, look, we’ve got to beat Obama, let’s get together. Somebody has to get together and end this thing, because now it’s getting tiresome and people are not liking it. The only one that’s liking it is Obama.”

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  1. I don’t remember asking Trump for his opinion. I would prefer Santorum or even Gingrich.

    If Romney gets the nod I may sit this election out. I will not vote for a mormon. Call me a racist if toy want. I don’t see how anyone who has done research in to church of lds could vote for one.

    I like my grandparents “unbaptised.”

  2. #7, a useful idiot that made a lot of money. More than you’d ever make. I would not use the word idiot to describe Trump. I would use pompus or arrogant. He aint nobodys fool, thats for certain

  3. Trump is a dummy! This is not communist Russia! The citizens of this great Country have a right to vote! Ever since the dummy Trump stabbed Gingrich in the back & endorsed the Liberal Romney, Santorum has kept on winning & winning! Trump is such a fool! It’s time for Romney to step down!

  4. Trump- you’re fired! Stop hiding the fact that you just want a fellow mega-rich man in office because of shared policy interest of protecting your wealth.


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