Dow Drops 800 Points In Worst Day Of 2019 Amid Recession Fears


U.S. stock markets had their worst drop of the year Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping 800 points, or 3 percent.

The drop comes as some forecasters warn of increasing odds of a recession, while President Trump has continued to hammer the Federal Reserve over its handling of interest rates.

In terms of point losses, Wednesday’s drop was the Dow’s 4th worst day in its history, though it did not crack the top 20 list in terms of percentage drops.

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  1. Don’t you marvel over how brilliant these Wall Street investors are? Buy high sell low. And for that they took 23 years of college? Such little immature babies. They should all be arrested for being so stupid.

  2. Hashem runs the entire world and every penny belongs to Hashem. Some people can become rich in 1 hour while others. Who become arrogant-and forget that everything belongs to Hashem-can C”V lose everything in the same period of time of 1 hour.

    May Hashem bench you to remember this every minute of the day and night

  3. This is on purpose to make it possible for a return of the currency to the gold standards. This will get rid of the privately owned non-governmental IRS and Federal Reserve who only hold fiat currencies.

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