Dr. Casriel Roberts: There’s No Place Like Lakewood

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dr-roberts-and-rav-olshin[Video below.] Dr. Kasriel Roberts, a dedicated resident of Lakewood, NJ, and a renowned Torah philanthropist, is a proud member of the Lakewood community. In the following video, taken by Simchavision for Lakewood 24/6, Dr. Roberts, a graduate of Harvard and University of Pennsylvania, is effusive in his praise of the Lakewood kehillah. He speaks of the fineness, the specialness, the beauty and the happiness that can be found in Lakewood that he says “money can’t buy.” He states that he is grateful that his children can be raised in Lakewood and feels that it is a small token of his gratitude to try to give back to the community.

Click below to watch:

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  1. First of all Rich , YOU ROCK. Second of all You make us so proud to be part of the Circle of family and friends. Third of all ,to many fish in the tank.

  2. Out of curiousity, does anyone know if Dr. Roberts spells his first name with a “c” or “k”? The editor appears to be unsure.

  3. what?! i think the dr. has a nice amount of fish. its a nice tank too. thats very nice of the dr. to do what he did!!
    i like where i live better.


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