Video: Due to Blizzard, Baltimore Rebbi Learns With His Talmidim Via Teleconference

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baltimore-snow1[Video below.] As we’ve reported, the state of Maryland, including the frum community of Baltimore has been hit hard by the blizzard of 2010, which has dumped over 50 inches of snow on the city. In creative fashion, Rabbi Brecher, a first grade rebbi at Talmudical Academy (TA) in Baltimore taught his young talmidim via teleconference, as you can see and hear in the following video. The daily teleconference learning sessions will continue until school resumes.

Click below to watch first grade Yaakov take part in the learning yesterday:

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  1. Rabbi Brecher is the best rebbi in the USA. Torah Umesorah should name him rebbi of the year. Together with rabbi Spero theyve turned Baltimore around(almost) Just dont get in his way playing tackle football.I know


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