Dumb: New York Officials Sent Over 4,300 COVID Patients to Nursing Homes, Says Report

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called the state’s nursing homes “the optimum feeding ground for this virus,” and these shocking figures might show why that’s the case. The Associated Press reports that New York health officials sent more than 4,300 recovering coronavirus patients directly to nursing homes under a state directive that was later reversed over fears that it was acting as a catalyst for the nation’s worst outbreak.

The directive, which was intended to help free up hospital beds, was made on March 25 and reversed on May 10. Cuomo said this week that he didn’t believe the directive contributed to the more than 5,800 nursing and adult-care facility deaths in New York. Daniel Arbeeny, who pulled his 88-year-old father out of a Brooklyn nursing home where over 50 people died, said: “It was the single dumbest decision anyone could make if they wanted to kill people.” His father later died at home. Read more.



  1. why don’t you just it was CUOMO’S DECISION to move them out of the hospitals into the nursing homes.
    he can’t blame President Trump as he did because the President sent him a Navy ship with 1000 beds for virus patients but he only used about 100 of them. he could have put these elderly patients in the Navy Hospital or in the Javits Center Hospital with hundreds of empty beds

  2. It is very sad to see the open anti-Trump bias in the articles here.
    If Trump might have done something else in an unprecedented government move, he “could have saved 36,000 lives” but documented PROOF that Cuomo (and Wolf,PA and others) made an evil directive for 46 days to put COVID patients into the most vulnerable population, I.e. nursing homes, causing terrifying losses of 5,600 that we know of, it is called “dumb!” And we’ll, he did it because there just wasn’t any room in the hospitals….really? Why didn’t they use the two almost EMPTY facilities, Javitz Center and the naval ship, with over 4,000 beds.
    The only answer I received from some Uber mensch who belittled my upset that my friend died because he wasn’t allowed to get the hydroxychloroquine (also by “Doctor” Cuomo) until he had a fever (3 weeks later, on the way to the hospital, he passed away in the Hatzalah vehicle) because, he claimed they didn’t want people to get heart conditions, and we don’t have “proper” evidence that it works (so just let the man die).
    Anyway, he told me that whenever the feds give you money or help it comes with strings attached. So Cuomo had no choice but to put the “recovering but still positive” patients into nursing homes.
    It is mind boggling that the Am haSefer could think like this!
    Now that we are headed full steam ahead to “contact tracing” which NY is trying to implement, beware: if the contact retraced thinks that (1) you have tested positive and (2) you must self quarantine, then (3) that “tracer” who might be a former waiter at a restaurant, will have the opportunity to decide that you really just cannot care for your kids.
    Think about that!
    People who may have zero of one child will look at a family blessed with 8 kids, and say “oh, there is no way that anyone in quarantine can take care of 8 kids!”
    And that person would have the right and responsibility to take the kids to a foster home!!!!
    Think hard!

    • Don’t get positive and don’t get close to anyone positive! That way you wont get the virus, you won’t spread the virus, and you will stay home caring with all of your children.

  3. Trump is positively also part of this nefarious murderous agenda otherwise he would have sent Fauci packing !

  4. “Don’t get positive and don’t get close to anyone positive…”
    Who has such sensory powers?
    Do you think my friend who passed away because of Cuomo’s executive order walked over to someone who tested positive and asked him to breath on him?
    He got sick on or before Purim, before anyone had any idea of what was really going on.
    Four relatives in three different communities also got it at about the same time. One was very ill and after I learned of the hydroxychloroquine plus zpac plus zinc had to send someone from Monsey to NJ to pick it up because if Cuomo’s orders. BH he got better after a tense ten days….


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