DVTI Raffle: Only $11 Per Ticket – Win $25,000, A Trip To Israel, iPad, Laptop, GPS, Or Any One Of 26 Awesome Prizes


money1[Click HERE] The Delaware Valley Torah Institute / Mesivta Bais Dovid of Cherry Hill is raffling off $25,000 plus 25 awesome 2nd prizes. You could win $25,000, an iPad, 2 tickets to Israel, a Dell Laptop, a Camcorder, a Digital Camera, a GPS, 6 $500 gift cards, and much more.

Only $11 per ticket if you purchase a $36 ticket using a registered AMEX card. First register you card at https://enroll.amexnetwork.com/US/sbs/, then click here to buy your tickets. Each ticket gives you a chance to win one of 26 amazing prizes!

Mesivta Bais Dovid of Cherry Hill was established to fill a critical void in Jewish secondary education in the Delaware Valley. Our purpose is to provide young men with a comprehensive Torah education that will serve as the foundation of their development as mature Bnei Torah, distinguished by their dedication to ongoing Torah study, their commitment to personal character development and Torah values, and their understanding and appreciation of the richness and beauty of a Torah lifestyle. Following the tradition and principles of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, the Mesivta’s program is designed to engage the intellect of each student so that skills, knowledge, and values critical to his total development are most effectively transmitted.

To participate, just click HERE

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  1. Wow-I know that Yeshiva my Children go there,
    there is just no Yeshiva like it-great Rabbeim and real nice boys. Rigorous program.

  2. I heard of this Yeshiva. The dedication and devotion of the Rabbeim to each and every talmid goes way above and beyond – producing real bnei Torah umussar. Lo yiuman ki yisupar!

    I’m confident that purchasing a ticket from this makom Torah would be an incredible zechus for all kinds of mazel and bracha!

  3. As a person who is involved with a number of “out of town yeshivos” I can confidently say that this yeshiva is one of a kind. A organization truly worthy of our support!


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