Ehud Barak Forms New Party, Says Netanyahu’s Career Is ‘Over’

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Former prime minister Ehud Barak announces he’ll challenge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the September elections.

Barak is launching his party with a tirade against Netanyahu and the corruption cases against him.

“Netanyahu has reached the end [of his career[,” says Barak, claiming even the prime minister’s associates are well aware of this.

“The Netanyahu regime must be felled, not saved,” he says.

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  1. This is the fella who offered 90% of Yerushalyim and much of Yehuda & Shomron to the Palestinians: almost to the pre-67 borders. Thankfully they rejected it.

  2. I think Mr. Barak caused enough damage when he was in power. What he would like to offer all of Israel to the Palestinians this time around ?!? Please do us all a favor and stay out of politics

  3. Ehud is the Joe Biden of Israel. A washed up old used prune. No value other than to make others run for the bathroom.


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