Ehud Olmert Calls Netanyahu’s A Pathological Coward, Says He Won’t Annex Territories


Following the request by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s lawyers to absent himself from his arraignment trial this Sunday, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert attacked Netanyahu in an interview with Ben Caspit and Yinon Magal.

Olmert referred to Netanyahu’s request to be absent from his trial, saying that “he is not sure he should not be in meetings, there will be meetings where his presence could be useful.”

In conclusion, the former prime minister addressed the issue of annexation, claiming that “the prime minister is a pathological coward. He will do nothing when threatened, he won’t annex the territories as he didn’t annex the magnometers to the entrance to the Temple Mount.” Olmert warned against “unilateral annexation that this government is doing – it is an atomic bomb that can crush the stability of the Middle East, undermine everything that’s happening here, disrupt everything we’ve achieved in terms of political stability.”

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  1. Ehud Olmert had the lowest approval rating of any prime minister ever – 3%. I don’t really like Netanyahu either, but it’s a chutzpa for him to attack the longest serving prime minister in Israeli history. No one cares what Olmert says. He is a loser.

    • Mr. Sheker, Benyamin Netanyahu served with distinction in Sayeret Matkal, an elite unit of the Israeli Army. He was part of the unit that raided the Sabena Flight 571 hijacked by Black September terrorists in which the 90 passengers were rescued. Netanyahu got wounded in the raid. He fought in the Yom Kippur War. He retired from the Israeli Army with a rank of major.
      May I ask phony “The Truth” , better named LIAR & COWARD what he did for עם ישראל , which army he served, which wars he fought to call Netanyahu a coward?

      • As PM Bibi is a coward just like the “powerful” Ariel Sharon who was a coward when he became PM and so was Ehud Olmert himself.

  2. welcome back from priso mr olmert, we didn’t miss you, can i get a slice of the contents of those cake boxes

  3. Look who’s calling the kettle black. Olmert was the biggest ‘chicken’ ever, always afraid “mah yomru ha’goyim”. Thousands lost their homes, who will ever know how many yidden lost their lives because of this ex-con.


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