Eighth-Grader: ‘Jeopardy!’ Cheated Me

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jeopardyWe all know Trebek is a stickler for convention.

An eighth-grade boy from Connecticut says he was cheated after losing in Final Jeopardy after spelling “emancipation” incorrectly. He correctly answered the question, but wrote the word “emanciptation,” and host Alex Trebek ruled it out, costing him $3,000 of his $9,600 in winnings.

Hundreds have taken to the show’s Facebook page to voice disapproval, but the producers are sticking by the decision, saying, “If Jeopardy! were to give credit for an incorrect response (however minor), the show would effectively penalize the other players.”

What do you, Matzav.com readers, feel? Should the boy have been disqualified or did he give the right answer? Comment below.

Read more at USA Today.

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  1. although he did spell it wrong, the fact is he had the right idea & did know the answer…he’s a child, not an adult; he should have been given the credit….also it’s not up to Trebek, it’s the judges decision….

  2. Freakishly and Horribly Sad of course. The kid is a kid. Give them a little bit of leeway. But maybe he will not spell that word wrong ever again. That might be a success.

  3. He should be given an EXTRA
    prize for the wrong answer since penalizing him will
    cause him trauma and if he doesnt get it he can sue for
    discrimination and for having been profiled!!

  4. I’m going to have a few sleepless nights, and figure out if Jeopardy is guilty or innocent of depriving the lad of his $3.000.

  5. lucky for the yartzeits otherwise there might be nothing too jewish about the matzav. baseball drug addicts, “jeparody” unfairness
    please don’t turn matzav into a matzeivah! you didn’t start out that way. your goal was to be better and more torahdik than the “others”. Not just on fridays but during the week as well. i am not a natural basher. i just want you to get back on track to the original service. thank you

  6. I think he should have been allowed to win. One lettyer off – trebek should have given it to him. it is obvious he knew the answrr. jeopardy is not a spelling test. It is a knowledge test. TRidiculous.

  7. Jeopardy is kosher. And there is nothing wrong with this post, all of you. It raises a very valid and interesting question. Give it up all of you.

    I personally would NOT have given him the victory unless the rules state otherwise.

  8. His answer was wrong unintelligent spelling. Others eliminated for same thing. But he would have lost anyway someone else had higher money.
    But why is this news on a Jewish news web site

  9. Even in a Kethuba if there is a mistake that is an obvious a mispelled error it is still a Kosher kethuba and can’t pasel it.

  10. Are we talking about a Jewish kid, from a Jewish school or Jewish country that Matzav finds it necessary to report? Otherwise, please stay out of such stories. If there’s nothing of Jewish value, such stories with commenters sticking up to one side can cause additional anti-Semitism. We have enough of that in the world.

  11. All sound and fury signifying nothing.

    He was not going to win. He had zero chance of catching the winner who would end with over $60k (no, tht is not a typo: $60k). Whether credited a right or wrong answer, he was gong to finish in 2nd place and go home with the consilation prize of $2000.

    $2,000 (plus expenses to travel to and stay in L.A.) ain’t a bad paycheck for a half hour’s “work.”

    You lost, kid. The winner beat you like a rented mule. Take the money and run.

  12. The post is not about TV or even Jeopardy – it’s about an ethical question. Is that fitting for Matzav.com? I think so.

  13. With the exception of the last two questions of Jeopardy, all answers are given in verbal questions. To be fair, Alex Trebeck, should have asked the boy to read his answer aloud, and judge him on what was said. It’s obvious, the boy knew the answer.

  14. This is not the type of things we private citizens should be answering. Questions like this need to be posed to gedolim!

  15. With TorasMosheEmess’s philosophy above, Adam should have stayed in the garden of Eden and eaten the apple himself.


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