EL Al: Photo of Yid In Plastic Bag On Plane is Ten Years Old

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kohein-in-plastic-bagThe mainstream – and out-of-touch – media was perplexed and intrigued by a photo of an Orthodox Jewish man covered in a plastic bag on an airline flight. It turned out that the man is a kohein, who is  prohibited from flying over cemeteries.

Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt”l and others suggested that wrapping oneself in thick plastic bags while the plane crossed over the cemetery is permissible.

A spokeswoman for El Al told Gothamist that this is no longer a concern, because planes have been specifically re-routed to not fly over cemeteries anymore. Having said that, “it’s for sure unusual,” rep Sheryl Stein said.

Be that as it may, the El Al rep says said she believes the photo that cuased the recent tumult is actually  ten years old.

“[A colleague] remembered this from at least 10 years ago,” she told Gothamist, noting how memorable it was. An article delving into the details of the issue in the Yated had estimated that there would still be problems with routes through 2013, but Stein claims it has since been remedied: “I don’t think it happens anymore.”

When asked whether El Al would supply a flier with a bag if they so requested, Stein said she believed they would: “I don’t think it’s an issue at all.”

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  1. Just so all of you know, last week when flying on a plane the non jew sitting in front of me very nicely took the plastic bag that the airline cover and pillow comes in, and placed it over his head because he did not want the germs form the airplane seat touching him! oh but wait, he wasn’t frum so his picture won’t make it to all the frum websites!

  2. to tapuach yid (#2): Matzav is grammatically correct on this one, and you are wrong. “Of Yid in plastic bag on plane” is a prepositional phrase, and the verb following it, “is”, is clearly modifying the subject noun, which is “photo.” I suggest a refresher course in Strunk and White before you get out your red pen again.

  3. Was it a Zip Lock bag or from the dry cleaners?
    Comment to #2 – learn to read English- headline says photo is 10 yrs old NOT Yid is 10 yrs old.-


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