El Al Won’t Commit On Honoring 5,000 Tickets Sold During Yesterday’s Price Glitch

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elalThe costly error for EL Al Airlines that led to a great deal for many air travelers has not been settled just yet.

A glitch on various websites for flights from El Al were discounted by about 75 percent, and some very lucky Yidden got in on the deal before the airline fixed it.

New York-to-Tel Aviv fares typically go for $1,600 to $1,900. Yesterday, fortunate buyers got those same flights for about $330 to $460.

It was a jaw dropper for anyone with an Israel trip on their list.

Even travel agents realized that what they initially thought must be a scam was real, and they wasted no time getting tickets.

In all, Matzav.com has learned that about 5,000 tickets were sold before the error was fixed.

El Al is blamed a third-party contractor for the error.

At first, the airline, posting on its Twitter account that “”An outside company posted incorrect fares on travel websites, so all tickets sold will indeed be honored.”However, they later issued an official statement that said, “Details and decisions regarding the incorrect airfares that were briefly sold on Monday of this week have not yet been finalized. An update will be provided Thursday.”

This afternoon, the airline issued a similar statement via Twitter: “Thanks for your patience. Details/decisions re incorrect fares that were briefly sold on Monday are not finalized. We will update tomorrow.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Serves those fools a lesson. Hasten runs the world not your elal website. Some of the employees are some of the most anti frum people on this planet. Serves them right.

  2. I bought my ticket through Expedia. They charge at least $250 per ticket to cancel. You think if they cancel the ticket on me I can charge them the $250?

    If we make an “error” and buy a ticket we have to pay the $250 to cancel so if they make the “error” they should pay us!

  3. With all due respect to El Al (and no, I am not one of those people that got a ticket…I live in Israel, so I’m not exactly biased about their decision one way or another) there is NO reason why a roundtrip ticket from new york to tel aviv should cost that much. Don’t tell me that prices have gone up. Guess what? This summer, I flew Tlv-London-Toronto for $1030. In June. High travelling time. Full, full flights.
    I feel like El Al deserves this. Their service is terrible, their planes are minuscule. I am of average height and the few times that I have been unlucky enough to fly El Al, I have actually kicked the person sitting in front of me just by stretching my legs out a drop. That’s not ok. El Al needs to step up their competition a little…I have overheard people saying that they are very unimpressed with the lack of courteous service on El Al…and that’s a BIG thing to people these days. If they want to win back customers, they have to do something right.
    If they don’t honor this, especially after releasing a statement saying that they would honor this, I wouldn’t be surprised if their reputation goes even further down the drain.

  4. eli, why shouldn’t el al honor the tickets? hundreds passably a few thousand erlicha yiden will be going to erets yisroel for cheap. is there a problem with that?

  5. It’s absolutely beyond me why some people, or should I call them jealous, immature fools, feel the need to comment things like “I hope they dont honor them”. WHY? Oh, because you didn’t get it and you feel like a loser?? AWWWWWW…. Waaahhhh I feel sooooo bad for you. Keep your pathetic comments to yourself, stop wishing and hoping negative upon others…walk your sorry self to your room and sulk that “It’s not fair” waahhhh life’s not fair! How would you like it if people told you “I hope the sale is over by the time she gets to the store” or “I hope she doesn’t qualify for that promotion”. I have two words for you “GROW UP”


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