Emergency! Oxygen Needed

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The following is a letter that was received today by all Ezer Mizion staff. They are currently in desperate need of equipment to save the burgeoning numbers of coronavirus patients in Israel.

 Click here to help them get the equipment they need.

They are accepting all donations at this time to bring in the equipment they need.

Dear Team,

We are in the throes of a new outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Israel is in lockdown. Thousands are being tested daily and the numbers of confirmed patients rise every single day. The numbers of people who are seriously ill, hospitalized and those on respirators are increasing at a frightening pace.

To meet the growing need, Ezer Mizion is in urgent need of additional respiratory equipment for immediate loan. We currently need more oxygen balloons and more oxygen concentrators which will bring lifesaving breathing to patients struggling at home with COVID.  This equipment relieves patients who are at home and aids in their treatment, ensuring adequate levels of oxygen saturation and preventing hospitalization, which will enable hospital medical teams to better deal with the more critical care cases.

Please rally donations for this immediate and urgent need and alert me of any incoming donations so they can be applied to equipment purchase.

Many thanks!

 Click here to help them get the equipment they need.


  1. MASKS ARE ALL ABOUT COMPLIANCE, NOT SAFETY as masks do not protect the wearers nor others, as the CDC admitted.

    Oxygen needed? Take off your masks, you’ll have enough oxygen and less patients in hospitals with lung infections, blood clots, breathing problems and other issues.


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