Video, Photos: Emmanuel Father Who Was Jailed Visits the Tri-State


emmanuel-father-with-rav-kotler[Video and photos below.] Rabbi Chaim Stern, one of the chareidi parents of the community of Emmanuel who was imprisoned by the Israeli government for wishing to send his child to a school of his choice that was consistent with his hashkafos, is currently on a special visit to the Tri-State area.  

Lost in the recent tumult regarding the Emmanuel parents and the school in that locale has been the financial hardships experienced by the families who wished to ensure chinuch for their children al pi taharas hakodesh and al pi derech Yisroel saba. The families whose fathers were jailed experienced loss of income but persevered despite the numerous difficulties they faced. Friends of the parents have banded together to assist as much as they can by raising funds to get these families back on their feet.

Last night, a parlor meeting to benefit the parents of Emmanuel was held at the home of R’ Ari Stern in Lakewood, NJ. The guest speaker was Rabbi Stern of Emmanuel, a charismatic, warm individual, who related the entire story of Emmanuel, sharing personal anecdotes and words of chizuk. He thanked all those who have come to the aid of the members of the Emmanuel community who were wrongfully imprisoned. Rabbi Stern greeted attendees personally, and with his beaming smile and friendly persona infused chizuk into those who had come to strengthen him.

At the event, divrei chizuk were delivered by Rav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, rosh yeshiva of Beth Medrash Govoha, who spoke of the importance of protecting our children’s chinuch and the great act of sacrifice performed by Rabbi Stern and the parents of Emmanuel.

Click below for video clips of Rabbi Stern speaking and being greeted by Rav Kotler:

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See below for photos:

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  1. To #1,

    It was the Israeli government. The judge is a proxy of the government.

    Also, who was standing over them in the jail? the judge?

    Think about it.


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