Empire to be Producer of New Chassidishe Brand of Kosher Poultry

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empireA new line of kosher poultry – under the supervision of Rav Binyumin Gruber of Monsey, NY – will begin production in mid-August, 2009 at the Empire Kosher Poultry facility in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. In light of its recent announcement that Empire will be expanding capacity in the Kosher poultry market, the company received requests to add a Chassidishe shechita on a “contract manufacturing” basis. Empire invited Rav Gruber to inspect the Mifflintown facility to determine its suitability for this type of production. His inspection and follow-up visits essentially created the new brand, which will be sold directly into Chassidishe communities.

 Rav Gruber commented that “I found Empire Kosher with their commitment to kashrus to be able to create a special run which would satisfy the highest level of Chassidishe shechita.”

 Empire’s onsite professional rabbinical supervising staff, led by Rav Chaim Meir Wagshal and Rav Yoel Rokeach, will work seamlessly with Rav Gruber to ensure that best practices in Kosher are maintained at all times at the Empire plant.

 Rabbi Yisroel Weiss, VP for Rabbinic Affairs at Empire, commented, “When Rabbi Gruber reviewed Empire’s processes and then agreed to supervise a Chassidishe production run with us, we knew it was an excellent opportunity to offer Empire’s superior kashrus and product quality to an even greater audience.”

 The new production will be contracted for by a family-owned master distribution company in the New York City area.  That company’s mission is to bring the best quality Kosher poultry to the Chassidishe community – at affordable prices.

 The product line will begin with regular kosher production but it can be extended to include ABF all vegetarian fed and Organic poultry as well.  Packaging, brand names and branding materials will be unveiled at a later date.

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  1. i guarantee you that there wont be any need for upgrades for the chasidisha line – as i toured empire many times and its shchitah it the same top notch shchitah as everywhere else. most of the shochtim are chsidisha shochtim for the regular empire run – and all the shochtim eat empire meat. unfortunately, empire just suffered some bad marketing that some people got the impression that it is a lower quality. go there and you will see how medakdek they are and how frum the shochtim are. they all go to the mikvah as well.

  2. why did chabura leave obviously something is wrong i heard a lot of reasons but since its not facts i will not report what is wrong with empire

  3. Chasideshe shechita is defined by one criterea only. There were 2 methods of “shtelen” sharpening the Knife “chalef”. First one was sharpening 1 side only and just smoothing out the other side ?? ???-that was the litivishe method. The second method was to sharpen both sides-that was the Chasideshe method. Now just about everyone does both sides called ??? ?????. Chasideshe Shechita is sharpening the knife from both sides of the cutting edge.

    One wouln’t call a Breuer Shechita Chasideshe, unless this is the way it’s defined.

    What does Heimishe Hashgocha mean?, how do we define it? I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it out.

  4. Wow, how times have changed. The Rav of Brisk for more than 30 years in the late 18th century , Rav Avrohom Katzenellenbogen, assur’d chassidishe shchita, called it neveila, and put anyone who shechted that way, ate it or sold it into cherem. Nowadays, anyone who doesn’t ask for it is not unzereh and is looked down upon as frei. Strange religion those pious Jews have.

  5. Nowadays, Chasideshe Shchita has nothing to do with how the knife is sharpened. I learned from a Lubaticher who made his knife on one side. There are two criterion which define chasideshe shchita, and a litvak or a yekke can qualify. 1. the shochet does not trim his beard. 2. the shochet goes to the mikva every day before shechita.

    Of course, neither requirement has anything to do with halacha. 1. we are not talking about a clean shaven man who may use a method of shaving which some poskim disapprove of. we are talking about the mere trimming of a full beard. 2. the mikva business is based on Eldad HaDani, who was a complete fraud. His sefer on shchita claims shchita by a shochet who is tameh is Pigul. that is Megale panim B’torah shelo k’halacha. actually, his entire book is full of nonsense (as well as his ridiculous claim that he was from Shevet Dan).

  6. Thanks to Moshe, Reb Yudel, Zalman and SG for enlightening us.
    I agree with Consumer above, that the OU hashgacha is fine as is, and no need for this silliness. Just more parna$$ah matters, having nothing to do with kashrus. I won’t be buying it, IY”H.


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