Watch: May Blasts Corbyn: “He Can Lead A Protest, I’m Leading A Country”

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British Prime Minister Theresa May rejected calls from Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn to withdraw the state visit invitation from President Donald Trump, telling MPs: “He can lead a protest, I’m leading a country.”

The Australian reports that May refused to back down on the invitation, which would see Trump honored by parliament and Queen Elizabeth II, despite a petition against the visit gaining more than 1.5 million signatures.

May told the British Parliament,”The Right Honorable Gentleman’s foreign policy is to object to and insult the democratically elected head of state of our most important ally. Let’s just see what he would have achieved…would he have been able to protect British citizens from the impact of the executive order? No! Would he have been able to lay the foundation of the trade deal?No! Would he have got a 100% commitment to Nato? No!”

“He can lead a protest, I’m leading a country.”






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