Eretz Yisroel’s Happiest Towns: Bnei Brak #1


Bnei Brak comes first among Eretz Yisroel’s 14 largest cities when it comes to “satisfaction with life” and Bat Yam came last, the Israeli Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported.

But this was only one of 34 factors in CBS’s report of “well-being in big cities.” Each city excelled in something else.

Ramat Gan has the highest life expectancy. In Petach Tikvah, people were happiest with their financial status, Tel Aviv-Yafo had the highest employment rate and Ashdod had the best parks and green areas. Yerushalayim’s residents expressed the highest trust in the medical system.

Overall, Rechovot came first, followed by Ramat Gan, Rishon Letzion and Bnei Brak. Yerushalayim came 13th because of its vast Palestinian population.


{ Israel}


  1. The reason is very simple. Because the town is full with yiden shomrei torah umitzvos, every week day it’s “ivdu es hashem besimcho” shabos it’s “yismechu bemalchuschu shomrei shabos and yomtov it’s “vesumachto bechagechu ve’hoyiso ach somay’ach.


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