Eric Holder Heading to Ferguson, While Obama Says, “Too Many Men of Color Are…Seen Only As Objects Of Fear”


eric-holderAttorney General Eric Holder will be heading to Ferguson, Missouri to meet with community politicians and leaders Wednesday. At a press conference addressing both the crisis in Missouri and in Iraq, President Obama said Monday the Department of Justice opened an independent federal civil rights investigation into the killing of Michael Brown.

“To a community in Ferguson that is rightly hurting and looking for answers, let me call once again to seek understanding rather than holler at each other,” he said, asking for cooperation in advancing justice. “In too many communities, too many men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear,” Obama said.

He also addressed criticism over the use of militarized police in the divided city, saying the difference between the military and law enforcement lines should not be blurred. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Mr. Prez, you said it – I thunk it! Can you guess perhaps why this is so!!!
    Could it be because… never mind! I’m scared I’ll get arrested for expressing my view!!

    BTW, are there any good golf courses in Ferguson for Sir Eric to play a round or two at?

  2. This article should have followed the one where the poor misunderstood black boy slammed the elderly Jew to the ground in an unprovoked attack.


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