Eric Trump: New York AG Violating ‘Every Ethical Rule She Was Elected To Protect’

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President Trump’s son Eric Trump was questioned under oath Monday as part of a New York Attorney General investigation of the Trump Organization.

A court filing last week noted that Eric Trump would be appearing, and Bloomberg reported that the questioning had taken place. He had previously tried to have the session pushed off until after November’s election, and has criticized the investigation for being political.

“The NYAG’s targeting of my family violates every ethical rule she was elected to protect,” Trump tweeted in September, along with a video of Attorney General Letitia James’ statements about investigating his father. “Last month alone there were over 240 shootings in NYC, yet the NYAG’s sole focus is an anti-Trump fishing expedition that she promised during her campaign. New York is so lost.”

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  1. Ms. James is living proof of why affirmative action is dangerous to our democracy.
    Eric is correct. When Orthodox Jews were having bricks thrown at them by blacks in Crown Heights, she did nothing. When Orthodox women in Williamsburg were having their wigs pulled off by blacks, she did nothing. The list goes on and on. James should step down in disgrace.

  2. Censoring my comment? On Chal Hamoed? That’s going to bring Shalom and cause good will? Who are you afraid of? Babies.


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