Ex-President Carter Seeks Weakened Bans on Terror Groups

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jimmy-carterFormer President Jimmy Carter is spearheading an effort to convince the United States to weaken its ban on dealing with terrorist groups, The Hill reported.

Carter and other foreign policy experts sent a petition to Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday, asking him to exempt peace groups from policies that make it a crime to offer negotiation training and humanitarian law classes to terror groups.

“The Secretary of State can, and should, exempt peacebuilding activities from this counterproductive application of the law,” says the petition, initiated by The Charity and Security Network, which, according to its website claims “to protect civil society’s ability to carry out peacebuilding projects, humanitarian aid, and development work effectively and in a manner consistent with human rights principles and democratic values.”

“Doing so would open the door for professional peacebuilders to fully engage in helping to end armed conflicts and suffering around the world, while making the U.S. safer,” the petition continues. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. How the American people elected this Peanut Farmer is beyond comprehension.

    What is even more puzzling is how the American people elected & reelected Obama! But as incompetent as Obama is, he is not as evil as Jimmy “Peanut” Carter.

  2. Mr. Peanut Brain with a Mouth the size of an elephant! Put him, Obambam and their friend Morsi on a deserted island and sail away! What a waste of tax payer dollars to pay for this guy’s secret service protection all these years!


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