EXPOSED: The Fake, Phony and Scripted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Revealed (Video)

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  1. This answers a lot o the questions I had about her rise to power, her arguments which are sometimes intelligent but appear to made by a clueless person, and the fact that she as well as Omar and her other Jew hating, potty-mouth friend appear to be so invincible.

    America needs serious help, folks.

    • We don’t hear you being worried about mainstream’s conspiracies that generally has 0 evidence, lies and fake news. Many reports today here are baloney! For your information, political “conspiracies” are generally 100% TRUE which mainstream covers up from naive readers.

    • You see her repeating word for word EXACTLY what others in hte movement have said before her, and you say “Conspiracy theory”?

    • Crazy ones are the naive gullible mainstream propaganda believers. An intelligent person would do some research instead of foolishly calling everything a “conspiracy”. How dumb! For your information, these political “conspiracies” are generally 100% true.

  2. the person’s name is Jason Goodman. While a lot of what he said is true he is presenting it in a overly dramatic way. Do your research and form your opinion. AOC isn’t great but the world isn’t ending because of this.


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