Exposing the Lies We’ve Been Told About Covid, Shutting Shuls, Supposed “Upticks” and More

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By Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith

Passaic Park, New Jersey

Sholom u’vrocho,

It is imperative that this community be restored to a rightful setting where Torah is paramount and individuals are respected.

In the ongoing debates about masks and coronavirus vaccines, I suggest that the masks and the prospect of vaccines are a valid concern but still is a distraction. The real issue is that the government has decreed who is essential and who is not essential. Essential people can make a living. Those decreed non-essential cannot make a living and either starve or become a ward of the state. There is no basis or definition in any law, just decrees. The fact that the Jews are not singled out is no comfort – this is war against humanity. The danger of such decrees cannot be overstated and they must be rejected.5

There is no place in Torah for a Jewish community to be governed by a committee of medical doctors. Nor by an unelected committee composed of Rabbonim, politicians and doctors.

The concept of a doctor in Torah, and the permission to heal, is based on a personal relationship between a doctor and an individual patient where the doctor is both an expert in a relevant disease and knows the patient personally. Such a doctor is a doctor that a Rov has permission to listen to and to take into consideration the medical insights of the doctor as to that patient. However, a doctor cannot make decrees for a community of individuals that he has never met, or knows nothing of their health, and/or regarding a disease that he has no personal experience with.

Civilization is going through the writhing pangs of the establishment of public health supremacy which intends to overrule all other considerations, including Torah. Public health is not ‘refuah’ in Torah. Public health is not a substitute for Torah.

In Round One of the Public Health decrees, the Rabbonim were overwhelmed with pressuring doctors and threats of ventilator shortages6 and news reports of hospitalizations and deaths and not given proper access to evaluate the metzius hadevorim and innocently made decisions

5 It was in 1933 that the concept of lives unworthy of life (Lebensunwertes Leben) was introduced by the Nazi’s to justify their sterilization campaigns, and the euthanasia of the elderly, ill and disabled, including disabled children with the participation of hundreds of asylum directors, pediatricians, psychiatrists, family doctors, and nurses. The euthanasia campaign did not originally target Jews – it targeted Germans. Only later in 1941 was the definition of lives unworthy of life expanded in the implementation of the massive and broader euthanasia campaigns, commonly called the Holocaust. In the death camps there were selections between essential and non-essential people, those who could work and those who could not. And, on Kristelnacht, only the Jewish businesses were shuttered, but in this year nearly all businesses have been shuttered, something unheard of in the history of the world, where it has now become illegal for many to make a living. That shuttering was followed by actual burnings in many places.

6 The threatened ventilator shortages never materialized but the spectre of not enough hospital equipment is now being used by public health policy groups to advocate the rationing and prioritization of allegedly ‘scarce’ health care resources going forward. Fear of scarcity is a key tool of increasing control of health care and choices as to who has access to what health care and which people are no longer worthy of efforts to keep them alive, Rachmana litzlan. Parents of disabled children and children of aging parents, more than they should be concerned about coronavirus, should be concerned about the move to rationing health care and the essential/non-essential classification.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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accordingly. But there has now been plenty of time to become knowledgeable and there remains time to use the remaining days and weeks to become knowledgeable.

A Rov must educate himself in the metzius hadeovrim. He must also educate himself in the skills necessary to understand and evaluate the metzius hadevorim. For example, in the current situation, a Rov must learn basic statistics and understand a numerator and a denominator and the elements that contribute to the increase and decrease of each of those and what effect that has on such output numbers as infection rates and mortality rates. Just as a Rov cannot make a ruling in industrial kashrus without taking the time to investigate and understand modern food production methodologies, so too a Rov cannot merely ratify the recommendations of a doctor or a group of doctors who have been trained and influenced in universities and training programs to further the public health program.7

Furthermore, a Rov must investigate alternative viewpoints. Science is predicated upon a process of hypothesis and challenge. It is impossible to claim that a decision is made based on ‘science’ if no challenge is allowed or investigated. Just as a Dayan cannot make a ruling without hearing the opposing side, decrees cannot be made upon the people, if they can be made at all, without a thorough investigation as to whether Torah and the metzius hadevorim support such a decree.

A Rov must research and understand the cruel history of public health and its methods and goals.

That is part of the metzius hadevorim.

Throughout the period from Purim until now massive and destructive decrees have been issued without a metzius hadevorim that supports the rulings.

I hesitate to delve into the COVID-19 metzius hadevorim because the danger lies in buying into the idea that scientists and doctors should make decisions for everyone else. But to clarify matters it is necessary to shed light where there has only been darkness, confusion and doubt.8

The COVID-19 metzius hadevorim is as follows: A ‘novel’ virus only means that its genetic code was not previously recorded in a database of viral code. There are many viruses in the world and in the human body that have never been studied or recorded in that database because

7 The role of a Rov is to connect his congregant to Hashem and point out that healing is from Hashem, not to add to the panic and be a meturgeman to only certain doctors who promote the idea that there is an unknown disease that has no treatment and no cure.

8 I studied and trained at the University of California, Berkeley, in molecular biology, virology and infectious diseases. But that is not relevant because in our days the only credentials of any remaining value are honesty and common sense. Every man and woman needs to educate themselves to evaluate what they are being told and not rely on the appearance of consensus or the weight of credentials. I am prepared to make myself available to the community to present the tools needed to make educated evaluations and decisions for their own well-being and that of their families.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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they are harmless. It does not mean it is a new virus. People are misled into thinking that ‘novel’ means new and unknown and that since it is unknown it might behave differently than other viruses, which only sows fear and terror and conditions people to be willing to accept any decree so that they can be saved from the unknown ‘novel’ virus.9

There was never a mortality rate of 3.4% in the population as a whole. Those numbers were created by testing only a very small population – the sick and dying in the hospitals – and then showing that 4 out of 100 died in those populations and then claiming that that would apply to the world as a whole. This trick is done by limiting the size of the denominator in the mortality rate. That is not science and it was and is entirely dishonest for anyone to say or imply that.

It is admitted by government officials that coronavirus deaths include anyone who tests positive for coronavirus when they are not even experiencing coronavirus symptoms. This trick increases the numerator in the mortality rate. This is falsification of the data.

Furthermore, it is undisputed that people who test negative are classified as coronavirus deaths because the doctors or hospital ‘suspect’ that it may have been coronavirus despite the negative test results. This trick increases the numerator in the mortality rate.

In some states positive antibody tests are being recorded as “new cases” of COVID-19 for people who were infected months ago. This trick increases the numerator and creates spikes and waves as more people are conditioned into being tested regularly and tested for antibodies.

We all know people who died over the last few months. Most of the deaths were unnecessary. I also know people who did not have coronavirus who were publicized in the frum websites as having died from coronavirus.

The early symptoms of a coronavirus infection are similar to panic attacks. Our Rabbonim and Rosh Yeshivas and elderly saw their minyonim that they have attended every day for decades destroyed before their eyes, were panicked at the onset of seasonal symptoms, rushed to hospitals, isolated, denied visitors, denied spouse and family, denied second opinions, denied chaplains, told they had a disease with no hope, no treatment and no cure, put on ventilators which hastened their death and then left to die without fluids or food or actively killed with morphine drips.10 In my own research, I have discovered the horror stories of the conditions of the bodies reaching the chevra kadishas and heard first hand testimony from true front line doctors (not oncologists, radiologists and other specialists11) who report the ‘swooping’ of

9 The suggestions that the virus is created in a lab in China is also a distraction used to terrorize people even more by speculating (fear mongering doubt) that a human modified virus is even more dangerous than a natural virus.

10 Starvation diets and medicine overdoses were used in Nazi hospitals to do an end-run around the public’s opposition to the direct euthanasia programs.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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hospice care into the rooms of the COVID-19 patients in New Jersey urging morphine drips. I have heard first-hand accounts of patients not being given fluids because the doctors considered the patients ‘dead’ while they were still breathing. Aleihem Hashalom is not the way to refer to these victims but rather Hashem Yikum Damam.12

Yet, people still persist in believing that coronavirus is especially dangerous and requires the shutting of shuls and yeshivas and schools and the wearing of masks, the obsessive compulsive washing of hands, reform of Jewish practice and human avoidance.

That persistent mistaken belief is understandable because the local Medical Committee releases vague and unverifiable information such as the recent email that there are “20 new cases” in Passaic driving more fear. No information is provided about those cases – are they positive virus tests, positive antibody tests, presumed cases even with negative test results? What are their symptoms, what other conditions do they have? Were other respiratory disease possibilities ruled out? All this information could be released without violating patient confidentiality, but it is not.

Venishmartem m’eod l’nafshoseichem is often thrown about as the reason to shut shuls and yeshivos. But this posuk is really referring to the need to cleave to Hashem and not be distracted by the worldly pressures into leaving Hashem and adopting foreign worldviews. In fact, the only time this posuk appears in the Gemora (Brochos 32b) it is the non-Jewish governor who uses this very posuk against the Jew to argue that davening should be interrupted because of ‘danger.’ The response of the proud confident Jew on behalf of Yiddishkeit is NO!, we will not even allow this possuk to be used to confuse us to interrupt even ONE tefillah. And, as the story concludes, continuing our Yiddishkeit without the slightest modification brings true respect from the non-Jews.13

Instead of following the Gemara’s model Jewish behavior, our community has been treated as a ‘fantastic experiment’ by the infectious disease experts at Montefiore hospital as communal Judaism and chinuch is eviscerated without community member agreement in participating in the experiment, without access to the information tracked in the experiment and without any advance warning of what will be next in the experiment.14

11 Similarly, Hatzolah while providing a valuable service with great self-sacrifice, is trained in basic life support and is not an authority on pre-existing conditions, what really happens in the hospitals afterwards, and virology, and is not qualified to advise the community on COVID-19.

12 In our further investigations, in response to requests to sue the doctors and hospitals, we discovered the lack of proper medical records and documentation and that the governors relieved the doctors of traditional negligence liability, making lawsuits nearly futile to recover for the families.

13 Note that the Jew did not just walk away. He took the time to explain and educate the non-Jewish governor about G-d Almighty being the only true authority.
14 Hamodia interview with members of the Task Force. Scan of the article provided to me is undated.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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The Task Force primary message at the outset was to only access information through the Task Force. That should be enough of a warning sign. We have not heard from the Task Force information from the many, many distinguished scientists and doctors who have exposed the falsification of information, who have said that the restrictions on assembly and businesses are unnecessary and destructive, have called masking children ‘child abuse’ and called the current mindset ‘pandemic psychosis.’15

We should know enough that committees in Jewish communities can be manipulated and through those committees the population can be led to terrible results. That’s even when they start with the best of intentions.16

Here is what is unacceptable and cannot be repeated no matter how scary the metzius hadevorim is made to appear in future ‘spikes’ and ‘waves’17:

1) Decrees closing shuls, yeshivas, schools and mikvaos.18

15 I do applaud the local doctors who have diverted patients from the hospitals and made available helpful remedies to those suffering from symptoms, which does show a degree of independent thinking. But the doctors need to become further aware that the ulterior motives that have blocked access to HCQ and other helpful remedies are not limited to mere financial motives related to treatments but are ulterior motives that are at the core of the public health movement ideology and that they need to use their independent thinking to critically re-examine every assumption and piece of information especially from the sources that they have been educated to trust.

16 It is of particular concern with medical doctors. In our litigation against physician assisted suicide in New Jersey, I have come to learn that the cornerstone of the Nazi death machinery was the doctors and the Nazis put great weight on medicalizing the sterilization and euthanasia programs. German public health officials were instrumental in creating sealed ghettos. It was the medicalization that made the process presentable to the German people. The doctors who ran the programs to euthanize the elderly and the sick and the disabled children went on to run the death camps. So doctors in a committee making decrees is unacceptable. Doctors cannot be allowed to run communities and institutions as medical committees.

17 Unbeknownst to the Rabbonim Shlita, the decrees were not invented on the spot in a panicked response. Rather, infectious disease professionals have been planning all the details that transpired. They were presented to the Rabbonim as necessary and new. Yet, these pandemic response plans have become universal in most centers for disease control and health departments and there was no coincidence that the decrees approved by the Rabbonim were implemented by the governors within a few days. This was not told to the Rabbonim and they were not given access to the World Health Organization publications detailing the planned ‘pandemic’ responses. Nor were the Rabbonim told that according to those same publications the restrictions were never contemplated to be short term or only for a week or two. The further planned restrictions for the ‘Second Wave’ are also found in those same publications.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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2) Making it difficult for women to go to the mikvah because of their seasonal symptoms.

3) Threatening Rabbonim who don’t want to sign their names to the decrees.19

4) Decrees banning people under 16 years old from buying food. This decree is ruthless, inhumane and must be defied by all means. No human being has the right under any circumstances to tell another human that they cannot access sources of food.
5) Forcing children to wear masks in school. This is child abuse and it is adult abuse to require adults to do the same. Compelling men and women to wear masks in order to access food and stand in line six feet apart outside at any time, and particularly in the rain, cold and extreme heat, is also abuse.
6) Pressuring people to stay home, not go to work, to close their businesses, to stay apart from family members, to neglect their parents and grandparents, and grading people by their Body Mass Index (BMI), age and health conditions, leaving people alone on Yom Tov and the Seder, reforming mechiras chometz, deconstructing be’ur chometz, encouraging the buying of chometz on Pesach (gevald!), disrupting shofar blowing, deconstructing Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur prayers, banning hachnosas orchim, banning bikur cholim, banning adult social interaction, preventing playdates, leaving women and children excluded from shuls, barring household help and babysitters pushing families to and past breaking points, all of which promote a decrease in human spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.
7) Discouraging people from independent sources of information.
8) Creating an impression that shuls, Sifrei Torah, mezuzahs, the air, in-person contact, are dangerous and life threatening.

9) Supporting the government in violating a person’s fundamental rights to assemble, speak and observe their religious beliefs.
10) Registering Jews who want to engage in communal prayer.
11) Appointing enforcers of the decrees in each outdoor minyan and synagogue.20
12) Condoning mesira, Chas V’shalom.21 22 23

18 Prominent Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshivos Shlita did not close their shuls and yeshivos. Others reopened them as soon as they realized that the metzius hadevorim was not as it had been presented to them. I was zoche to advise and guide many of these gedolim and help encourage and protect their vital work. There was no universal daas Torah to close shuls, chadorim and yeshivos.

19 This not only squelches dissent to ensure the population complies, it creates a false presentation of achdus to the community for the sake of achdus and then is used to claim that the independent thinker who refuses to sign or comply is the baal machlokes. This is actually divide and conquer, and not real unity, by forcing the dissenter to feel isolated and under threat.

20 Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman, Shlita, has had the courage to publicly admit his error in appointing enforcers throughout his congregation after realizing the hate filled hostility and zeal those enforcers showed against those not wearing masks exactly according to the public health decrees. His letter is only a beginning in realizing the terrible trap that the public health ideology has thrown our people into.

21 These decrees were not driven by G-d’s Torah, but rather driven by the bible of the public health ideology. The hallmark of public health is making decisions for others and the

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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There is more that is planned, G-d forbid, and it must be stopped now:24

radical restructuring of human interactions. The missionaries of public health co-opt the language of each target group (Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindu, Sikhs, etc.) and present compliance with the public health measures as the highest form of service to the target group’s ideals. In the case of Jews, words such as ‘pikuach nefesh’, ‘saving lives’, etc., were co-opted and then used to justify the dismantling and destruction of Jewish communal life and individual lives and businesses and then applaud the wreckage as the highest form of self-sacrifice in the service of G-d and Torah observance. However, there is nothing Jewish in the decrees, just the trappings needed to make them palatable or, at least, difficult to resist to ensure Jewish compliance. Now we can understand why getting into arguments about, for example, wearing masks or exactly how dangerous the virus could be is a waste of our precious energy. It goes without saying that we are not going to wear masks and not putting masks on our kids. That’s self-understood and does not require discussion. The only issue is the battle between primacy of G-d Almighty and Torah versus the primacy of the public health ideology. I can’t imagine anyone in our holy community continuing to advocate the ideals and priorities of public health any longer.

22 Every effort must be invested to undo the damage caused by the speed and degree to which the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit were disposed of in deference to a substitute ideology and priority, ‘public health,’ both because that is the right action and for the sake of our children’s chinuch that Jewish principles are not negotiable. Hashem is malei rachamim for those that have gone astray in this regard and can now have the courage to publicly acknowledge their past participation and, even more importantly, provide solid, unwavering leadership going forward to contribute to the unbending thriving of Yiddishkeit and prosperity of this country.
23 In previous generations the Yidden knew that even though mitzvos were banned the banned mitzva was still a mitzva. In our times, the decrees are so twisted that mitzvos become aveiros and aveiros become mitzvos. If a person wants to serve Hashem, for example, by davening with a minyan he is told he is doing an aveira and is actually a murderer, Hashem Yirachem. And even the person who does the mitzva anyways is made, falsely, to feel that he is going against daas Torah! There has never been a darkness as great as this! Oy, Abisthter, have rachmanus on your precious people!!
24 The increasingly draconian local measures are based not only on WHO ‘pandemic’ plans but being modeled on implementation in Communist China where public health measures can be carried out in their ‘ideal’ ruthless form. Some infectious diseases experts in the United States calling for Chinese Communist measures to be implemented in the United States to control the people are actually on the payroll of the Chinese Communist government. As recent arrests have exposed, not only are many US-born American scientists and professors receiving payments from China but many have concealed their payments and their affiliation with the Chinese Communist government. Investigate who the experts really are, which governments and which foundations fund them and pay for their labs and research and consulting, and what their training history is and financial and ideological loyalties are.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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1) The Governor of New Jersey has already announced and implemented a statewide database to track testing results and is rolling out testing of health professionals, prison inmates and other populations, testing every two weeks, with intentions for broader frequent testing conditioning the population to ‘know their COVID status.’

2) The Governor of New Jersey announced on April 27, 2020, in “The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health”, “Principle 4: Secure Safe Places and Resources for Isolation and Quarantine: To the greatest extent possible, provide individuals who do test positive in the future with a safe and free place to isolate and protect others from COVID-19.”25 This means that people who test positive will be removed to a safe and free location, G-d forbid! Shortly thereafter, in its May 8, 2020, “Patience and Perseverance” letter, the Task Force declared its hope that “(c) critically important testing will be more available so that we can determine those who are infected and introduce appropriate interventions to disrupt any further spread of the virus.” (emphasis added) In this one sentence, the Task Force brings to the Jewish community Principle 2 of the Governor’s Plan, “Expand Testing Capacity”, Principle 3, “Implement Robust Contact Tracing” and Principle 4, quarantine. Out-of-home quarantine has not been rolled out yet but is anticipated as the Second Wave is built up. An ‘appropriate intervention’ to be introduced, meaning one that was not yet used, may look like this – you feel under the weather, do your duty and call your Rov, he tells the committee, they evaluate your situation and determine that your family cannot remain safe with you at home and then you are removed to a ‘safe and free’ place with the use of chaplains and social workers to placate the family by reminding them that ‘this is what Hashem wants,’ ‘it’s the best for your safety,’ ‘we are on your side’ 26 27 Shul registrations and

25 This comports with World Health Organization statements by Dr. Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, on March 30, 2020, that those likely infected need to be identified and removed from the home: “In most parts of the world, due to lockdown, most of the transmission that’s actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household, at family level…In some senses, transmission has been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units…Now, we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner…”

26 Contact tracing is the step before quarantine. You can read CDC contact tracing scripts online (nearly 6500 words of script of what to tell you when being sent into, in the case of this script, home quarantine), where it is suggested they be modified for “cultural nuances,” meaning the key words to persuade a Jew, in our case, to cooperate. First rapport and trust is to be established, then collecting great detail about the person’s life, then giving them quarantine instructions, then daily check-ins. Remember, this is the quarantine of perfectly healthy people who have been tracked as being close to a positive person. Let’s be blunt, the Task Force is the Jewish presentation of the WHO and CDC material.

27 It is self-evident that an independent communal protection communication system needs to be established now to alert the community to any removal attempts so that community members can mass at the targeted family’s home and physically prevent the removal. We must do the same to protect our non-Jewish neighbors not only because it is the right thing to do but also because every removal must be thwarted to save our lives. Similar measures must be developed to

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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encouraging reporting symptoms to the rabbi are important building blocks of the contact tracing program which allow more aggressive measures in the future.

3) Socialist doctors, including the coronavirus advisor to one presidential candidate, are advocating an 18-month shut down of the entire United States including no non-essential travel, with only ‘truly essential’ people allowed to leave their homes, G-d forbid. Their intention is that the process of people becoming wards of the state with money from the government and food from the government will be accelerated along with the complete closure of businesses and the destruction of capital.28 G-d forbid there will be increased disruptions to food production and distribution. We already see people being forced to stand in line for hours just to buy food.
4) Required vaccines – pro-vaccination supporters are alarmed about the coronavirus vaccine which is being used with humans within months rather than after years of testing, using mRNA an unproven concept in humans designed to affect human genetics, and which vaccines will be mandated to return to ‘normal’ life such as being able to buy food and attend schools and work. One of the primary private sponsors of the WHO is promoting tattoos to track who has had the vaccine and is a ‘green person.’29 Checking temperatures is conditioning people to expect to be ‘checked’ as ‘ok’ wherever they go, with the temperature checks to be replaced with scanning tattoos that are being developed. The same private funder paying for the mRNA vaccine development is enthusiastic about the tattoo and paying for its development.
5) Action against the 25% to 33% of the population that are predicted to refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. After months of lock-up and universal vaccine usage presented as the only way out, the vaccinated will become desperate and enraged that the unvaccinated are prolonging the lockdown. Those that choose not to take the COVID-19 vaccine will be portrayed as “enemy of the people.”30 31

prevent the removal of children directly from schools by health authorities should they be labeled “unhealthy.”

28 The 2021 Davos World Economic Forum is being titled “The Great Reset,” namely the great reset of capitalism.
29 To grasp the worldview and goals of the public health establishment and its supporters that are promoting the COVID-19 pandemic, search online for ‘vaccines and fertility’ and learn from National Institutes of Health websites, about the scientific papers reporting the development of vaccines to implement human population control. The major prior activity of the current head of the World Health Organization, aside from being a member of an Ethipoian Marxist terrorist organization, was the implementation of birth control and fertility reduction while he was Minister of Health in Ethiopia. The major private funder of the WHO has publicly expressed alarm at the rate of human population growth and said that smaller families are healthier than large families. All this is publicly available information in their own words. On one hand they want ‘healthy’ humans, on the other hand, not too many of them. Similarly, the very same politicians and many doctors who argue that even one Coronavirus death is too much advocate physician assisted suicide and late-term abortions. It is beyond the scope of this letter to address the larger war against pru u’vru and each person should educate themselves urgently.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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Now is the time to stop these measures.32 33

Justice will be served now and later. We can expect and hope that the children now victims of the public health measures, restrictions and experiments will later seek retribution and justice from the doctors, nurses and school administrators as they mature. Just like years and decades later the children that suffered sexual abuse came to pursue their predators, in the future those damaged by the health restrictions, mask wearing compulsion and vaccine experimentation will return with a vengeance and charge the health authorities, the school adminstrators, and enforcers, with abuse and breaking the Neurenberg war crimes code. For all those who are a community leader, the time to decide which part of history you are on is now!

People should educate themselves and consider not volunteering their information into the government database and not reporting their health symptoms and not testing because that information will be used as grounds for “appropriate interventions” in the words of the Task Force or in plain speak to take people away…34

30 “Enemy of the people” is terminology used in communist revolutions to identify all who do not agree with the revolutionaries and to rile up the ‘people’ against the independent thinkers, part of the divide and conquer strategy in play now where every group is pitted against others.

31 When Venishmartem m’eod l’nafshoseichem is ignored and Torah exchanged for foreign ideologies like ‘public health,’ then there materializes a real physical danger to the body, the medical compulsion of the public health authorities.

32 The misinformation that the COVID-19 is a political ploy between political parties is a distraction. Rather it is a public health strategy that transcends all political affiliations and governmental administrations and the election results will not materially change the march of the public health autocracy.

33 Confusion is caused in the Jewish world by how Jews interpret the Israeli government’s totalitarian measures against the population. There is an unspoken assumption that the Israeli government could do no harm to the Jewish population and that if the Israelis are doing it too, the public health decrees must be well-meaning in America and other countries. These naive assumptions induce inaction and acceptance. In reality, the Israeli government is working in lock-step with the international public health ideology and has submitted itself to its goals and measures. The trust that Jews have for the Israeli government, because at the end of the day those making the decrees are Jews, is the very reason the Israeli government is able to get away with so much and not meeting resistance as in other countries such as Germany where massive demonstrations against the public health restrictions openly identify the public health authorities as the re-emergence of fascism in Germany.

34 Health care and public health systems is the means by which population control is implemented and enforced. For example, the limitations on the number of children in China are enforced through doctors and nurses – sterilization, forcible IUD implantation, forced abortions and so forth. To enforce the abortions, women are required to report monthly to local nurses with proof of their cycle to verify that they are not pregnant.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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Dina d’malchusa dina does not apply here for various reasons including the nature and motivation of the government decrees and their uneven application. Even if it did, the Governor makes his rules and attempts to enforce his rules, which we have a right and obligation to challenge. We do not agree to local enforcement committees under the imprint of our Rabbonim.35

There is no place in Torah where we find authority to make decisions for the people taking into consideration only one factor or one danger. The effect of the decrees include the destroyed spiritual service of G-d, destroyed or thwarted chinuch, spreading of terror about the air and other humans, social isolation, separation of families with the isolation of the elderly, families lacking income and food, millions out of work, and financial instability of the country.36 These are vital life and death – spiritual and physical – considerations that must be part of any decision.

Furthermore, over the last 100 years, over 500,000,000 human lives have been eliminated at the hands of governments in control of the lives of people, often using medical means, doctors and nurses to carry this out. The deadly dangers of all powerful governments far exceed, by many multiples, the danger of any disease, including COVID-19 even if it were to be as dangerous as the worst speculation.37 These are all factors that must be considered by a Rov in guiding an

35 In hindsight, we often ask ourselves how in the world were the Jews of Europe not able to see what was coming and imagine ourselves wiser. The Jews complied with every order being told it was for their safety. At what point do we stop and ask ourselves are we being carefully conditioned to follow orders that are given with misleading and constantly changing excuses and conditioned to not ask questions. We are particularly susceptible to this conditioning because we place such a high premium on Emunas Chachamim and Daas Torah. But that premium obligates a Rov even more so to become very knowledgeable before putting his name on any statements and decrees for the very reason that people are relying on him and feel obligated to follow his instructions. A Rov who does not understand what he is being told should not sign a decree for the sake of group participation. Rather he should admit he is not sufficiently familiar and stay out of the decrees so that people don’t follow him assuming he has researched the metzius hadevorim thoroughly. (Being ‘very knowledgeable’ is not satisfied by merely being able to rattle off statistics and terminology, it is in understanding the history and goals of public health and population control measures, and the essential/non-essential classification as a move from the individual as paramount to the socialist collective classification of people based on their value to the collective and then disposition of people accordingly, including understanding the public health and medical doctor role and methodologies in the euthansia programs from 1933 to 1945 and ongoing in many countries.)

36 While we don’t need to turn to doctors to tell us how to run our affairs, there are many doctors who are sounding the alarm that the coronavirus restrictions and resulting economic destruction is more deadly than the virus.

37 In a revolution (as distinct from a war of independence) when the revolutionaries gain power they utilize the new powers surrendered by the people to the government in their fear and weak-heartedness. The first to be eliminated are those who supported the revolution but still hold on to the illusion that the revolution is for the benefit of the people and can’t pivot to the brutality

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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individual, family and community. In addition to a Rov’s obligation to his congregants, it is the obligation of a Jew in America to speak up about what is right for the country considering all these factors.38 39

A shul Rov is a guide for his congregation and it is questionable the extent to which he can make decrees on his own congregation. But even if he does, a congregant can leave. A shul Rov cannot make decrees for the population as a whole.

The Task Force has no authority and the Medical Committee has no authority. Both should be dismantled.

Each person should make their personal and family decisions with relevant input and guidance from their personal Rov and, for their personal health issues as needed, from their personal doctor, and as indicated, including obtaining a second medical opinion.40 41

required in the next stage of the revolution. And, those who survive these purges are punished after the revolution fails. So it will not help to go along with the flow and try to be in the good graces of the revolutionaries.

38 Given that the United States has been the leading country honoring our right to serve G-d freely, to ‘yes, yes’ a Governor’s decree is an abdication of responsibility and does not exhibit loyalty to the country. It shows naiveté as to how the freedom we enjoyed until recently was actually earned and maintained.

39 We have an urgent responsibility to bring to our non-Jewish neighbors an awareness of the contents of this letter because they, too, are suffering tremendously with the same terror, confusion and the same constantly shifting doubts and targets and livelihood destruction, as the Jewish community. The police officers, too, are alarmed and don’t want to enforce the decrees made by the Governor. We have millions and millions of allies. When we explain to the non-Jews why we do what we do as Jews for the benefit of every resident of this city, county, state and country, then we don’t have to worry about what the non-Jews think – on the contrary they will be inspired and take hope from our leadership. They will come and defend the yeshivas and chadorim and shuls. If the non-Jews had been observant of the Sheva Mitzvos Bnai Noach there would not have been a Holocaust in the natural order of things because not only would the doctors and public health officals not have murdered but the Jews would have known as the valued teachers of humanity that we really are and those who sought to harm the Jews would have been eliminated. Every non-Jew needs to demand of his Jewish neighbors and business associates that he teach him the Sheva Mitzvos and the knowledge of G-d’s Unity and Providence.

40 In particular, consult with someone who KNOWS rather than those that say “we don’t know” who intend to keep people in a vague place. As noted at the outset, corona is not a new unknown entity and there is plenty known and the rest is speculation that generates fear.

41 Each person should ensure their access to a mikvah that will remain open regardless of the purported severity of a Second Wave and any decrees. While in the First Round only the men’s mikvah locally was closed hastily and unnecessarily, based on an inaccurate metzios hadevorim, in other communities the women’s mikvas were under threat and/or raided and forcibly shut.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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Don’t be afraid, Hashem is with us. Some will feel that fleeing is the solution. G-d forbid that we come to that need. All that is needed is the common people to continue their lives fully, as they are entitled to do so, without regard to the decrees, no matter who issues them. There is no power held by those issuing the decrees other than that which is gifted to them through compliance. There are simply not enough government officers to enforce the decrees on the people.42 The fastest and best way to nullify a decree is not to volunteer for it in the first place.

Many available resources for further study on the points made here are available upon request.

No human is above errors or beyond reproach and I encourage your response pointing out any inaccuracies in Torah or the metzius hadevorim set forth here.

I also welcome in person face-to-face meetings with you in your individual capacities to further discuss this.

With blessings for a ksiva v’chasima tova, tefillos for a year of nullification of harsh decrees, refuas hanefesh v’refuas haguf and beas goal tzedek, תואלפנ ונארא םירצמ ץראמ ךתאצ ימיכ43 and it should be with rachamim and b’simcha u’b’tuv levav.

Yitzchok Dovid Smith

The time to address this need is now and unofficially, under the supervision of mikva experts who are committed to keeping them open no matter what, v’hamavin yavin.

42 Some will suggest that given the choice of directly dealing with the government public health officials or through the culturally sensitive interface of the Task Force, they would opt for the Task Force. This is a grave error. The whole point of the culturally sensitive interface is precisely to obtain compliance from us which cannot be obtained by the government officers. In fact, we see that the Jewish intermediaries come with an extra level of force, hysteria and religious fervor urging compliance lest the Jewish community be ill-regarded for not being in compliance. This is a level of energetic enforcement not found in the government, and precisely why the intermediaries are used – they are more effective. We saw this in Round One when good people who were horrified at the decrees chose to comply simply because they were afraid of being accused of making the Jewish community look bad.

43 The imminent full and complete Redemption from this Exile mirrors the original redemption from the Egyptian Exile in every detail except for one vital detail – whereas during the
Redemption from Egypt, (80%!) of the Jewish People perished in Egypt and only were redeemed, in the imminent Redemption, every single Jew will proceed to the Redemption.

Passaic-Clifton Rabbonim and Task Force Members

10 Elul 5780
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Key Takeaways

● The Rabbonim were presented with a false metzius hadevorim leading to decrees that harmed the people spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

● There is no grounds in Torah, science or medicine for the decrees against Judaism and normal human interaction and destruction of livelihoods. It must be rejected. Every human is essential and all efforts to make a living are essential.

● The selection of people as essential and non-essential is a decree with deadly consequences and implications, right now.

● The planned Second Wave is being used to implement greater and far more destructive decrees, Chas V’Shalom.

● It is false to claim that a halachic ruling can be made while only taking into account one factor and ignoring all other effects of the ruling.

● The public health ideology has co-opted the words of Torah to present itself as the fulfillment of the highest ideals of Judaism, when, in fact, it has replaced Torah, rachmana l’tzlan.

● Only independent health, not health authorities. No health/medical compulsion.

● The non-Jews are suffering greatly also and are our allies, as are the police and health department officials who do not want to become the enforcers of these decrees.

● The Task Force and Medical Committee have no authority and must be dismantled.

● The sakana nafashos from an all-powerful government is many orders of magnitude more deadly than the most deadly virus.

● The people must take immediate and courageous action to preserve their children’s chinuch al taharas hakodesh, protect their shuls from further disgrace, ensure that the in-person study of Torah continues uninterrupted and preserve taharas hamisphacha by building multiple independent mikvaos.


  1. May I ask what your sources in תורה are. The הלכה is that you are מחלל שבת upon the direction of a רופא מומחה. Doesn’t say he had personal experience or any of the stuff you’re suggesting. I’m sorry, but your article is agenda based. All those who are suffering from extreme feelings of guilt – as 80+ of our best in Lakewood perished and countless others around, and they feel that maybe they were a cause – who knows. I feel for you, but don’t deliver us nonsense inorder to cover up your guilty conscience that’s too hard for you to bare.
    Fact he fact, Corona has killed far too many, whether it was the sole cause of these deaths, or the מכי בר פטיש, fact be fact – if not for COVID these people would be with us today. Diabetes and suppressed immune systems doesn’t put you on ventilators etc.. it’s just a basic fact. Let’s take the התעוררות and get closes today Hashem in this lofty month of אלול….. all the best to everyone in klal Yisroel, and May we be זוכה to ישועות speedily.

    • in תריח it clearly says , a health professional who does NOT understand this spesific disease is regarded as a laymen.

    • He mentioned several Torah sources, if you cannot see that what he says is Torah sourced you need to learn more. His agenda, obviously, is mainly to show that the truth is that the public has been conned and NOT for its true benefit.
      Apparently you did not carefully read what he wrote. He pointed out some very unpleasant truths. The numbers of ill have been falsified grossly (I add here that part of the reason is that they are using a test that is not designed to identify any 1 particular virus & therefore is grossly inaccurate for that purpose – but is “accurate” for helping spread panic. The developer of the PCR test system has pointed out this fact.) He also pointed out that Doctors, hospitals nurse have been given orders to list any illness & any death (that are not totally from gross physical trauma) as if Covid19. That means heart attacks, strokes, flu, bacterial pneumonia, stage 5 CKD, etc have ALL been listed as Covid19, even when there have not been any lab tests to verify that the patient ever even had it! YES, people have died of dehydration & starvation in the hospital & had they been fed & given fluids they would likely have survived – people were drugged to death by overdosages of Morphine – yet in ALL those cases covid19 is listed as the cause. They did not die of covid19 they were murdered by the staff!!! Plus laws have been passed protecting medical staff & institutions from any & all malpractice suits – they go Scott free!
      Hospitals were & are still being awarded $49,000 for every “covid19 death”. 100 such deaths are already almost half a million dollars.
      So your comment “Corona has killed far too many” just shows & proves that the majority of people like you have swallowed the story – believe the lies that so many people have died of Corona. Even counting those who had other serious pre-existing conditions & Covid19 just hastened their demise – the true numbers are far below what is being told to the public!
      Suppressed immune systems can put a person on ventilators from a simple common cold! Severe diabetes can kill a person from a cut finger!
      Oh and by the way, have you ever heard about Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur? “Who by fire, who by water, etc. HHenek is there too & it is one of the 4 types of mitat beit din.

      • Agreed. This is basically Measles.2 version. We are fighting over our rights and freedoms. Those that trust their beloved government should go to the right. The cattle cars are waiting. Those that don’t trust our corrupt one party system government should go to the left. You are free to go about your live’s.

    • Very few people in our community perished from Covid.
      Most perished from Hospital neglect and intentional lack of food ,drink , induced hunger ,Morphine drips and VENTILTORS!! or mislabeling of Covid and lack of treatment with simple HCQ!! the cheap cure HYDROXOCLOROQUIN HCQ HCQ HCQ thats the cure !

    • Finally someone speaks the truth with an all encompassing article, and the replies here are all slander and emotion driven. if you read the article and speak to people in the know, many people didn”t die from Covid rather from neglect and abuse by the hands of the doctors.
      This article is very thorough with the author providing many facts.if you have an issue with a argument, than pose it, but don’t throw all your emotions to slander him and to lock the world.

    • “Steichel hayashar” are you aware ventilators aren’t being used anymore. Putting people on ventilators was a medical error. misinformation given to doctors is what put people on ventilators they didn’t need not covid.

    • 4:11

      In summary:

      Anyone who want to live out his life like a hermit living in fear is more than welcome, BUT STOP BOSSING AROUND EVERYONE ELSE AND STOP TELLING US WHAT TO WEAR, HOW TO WEAR, WHERE WE CAN GO AND WHAT WE CANT DO

    • you make the authors point. you rather give up your way of life, your shuls schools for your children than to read a informative article, albeit longer than a paragraph.
      is it any wonder with people that arent willing to read and be informed that the “leaders” can control and manipulate the masses???

    • it says on the bottom,
      “Key Takeaways

      ● The Rabbonim were presented with a false metzius hadevorim leading to decrees that harmed the people spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

      ● There is no grounds in Torah, science or medicine for the decrees against Judaism and normal human interaction and destruction of livelihoods. It must be rejected. Every human is essential and all efforts to make a living are essential.

      ● The selection of people as essential and non-essential is a decree with deadly consequences and implications, right now.

      ● The planned Second Wave is being used to implement greater and far more destructive decrees, Chas V’Shalom.

      ● It is false to claim that a halachic ruling can be made while only taking into account one factor and ignoring all other effects of the ruling.

      ● The public health ideology has co-opted the words of Torah to present itself as the fulfillment of the highest ideals of Judaism, when, in fact, it has replaced Torah, rachmana l’tzlan.

      ● Only independent health, not health authorities. No health/medical compulsion.

      ● The non-Jews are suffering greatly also and are our allies, as are the police and health department officials who do not want to become the enforcers of these decrees.

      ● The Task Force and Medical Committee have no authority and must be dismantled.

      ● The sakana nafashos from an all-powerful government is many orders of magnitude more deadly than the most deadly virus.

      ● The people must take immediate and courageous action to preserve their children’s chinuch al taharas hakodesh, protect their shuls from further disgrace, ensure that the in-person study of Torah continues uninterrupted and preserve taharas hamisphacha by building multiple independent mikvaos.”

      • this must be one of the dumbest comments. you invoke don’t be a sheep while saying he should follow this person’s screed. how dumb of a comment.

    • I did not read all of this drivel but I searched for a few keywords and can offer you a convenient synopsis:
      Covid does not exist and anyway the chinese and the liberals created it, telling children to wear masks is compared to sexual child abuse, vaccination and other mainstream medical practices has been used to exterminate 500 million people in the last hundred years, the nazi extermination machine is repeatedly used as a comparison, washing hands is an obsessive compulsive disorder and believing in covid-19 is a psychotic symptom.

    • Lol! Next week, we’ll have a long missive about the moon landing was a fake, Israel did 911, 4G causes COVID-19, aliens from outer space are running for Congress, etc.

      • Well, can you explain how a supposed plane flew into the Pentagon at ground level, on Sep. 11th, without knocking down a single pole, fence, guardrail, roof, etc etc…??? Of course not. That’s why They’ve never released a single video of the alleged plane hitting the building. The most surveillanced building in the world and not a single video???
        The point is government should not ever be trusted. Not the CDC. Not the FDA. Not the NSA FBI CIA. The corrupt one party system we have is not working on our behalf.

    • There are some people who cannot follow the well intentioned guidance of others and always think they know best. Just ask the communities of Brooklyn, Monsey and Lakewood that we’re decimated by this virus. His view does not represent the vast majority of people in Passaic. We are much more respectful of our rabbonim and Daas Torah.

  2. THANK YOU, Rabbi, for standing up against the Corrupted Health Bureaucracy that is being used to Change and Control our World as we knew it, and Violate our Constitutional Rights!! Masking is a Sever violation of our Right to breathe Air, such a fundamental freedom, people have been duped to walk into a Prison, but instead of. Gun at their Backs, there is a “ Fear Of Covid” at their backs. But the Covid Risk is Lower than previous Viruses and Bacterias!

    • So are you responsible for my friend who who had a schizophrenic episode from being locked his house for months? Or what about the family that became so scared and depressed they won’t let their children go to school and shul and now have basically floated away from religion? What about my neighbors son who was a child “at risk” and now has gone back on drugs from all the stress and the fact that he can’t even go into a store to buy his beloved Mountain Dew without a mask? What about my deaf relative who has had no interaction with anyone outside of direct family because he can’t read lips through a mask and he gets yelled at in public “stand there or there” but can’t hear what’s being yelled at him?

      Will you be saying “al kheits” for all these specific damages you are causing?

  3. Rabbi, I have no idea who you are, nor do I care. I have one question for you. If someone reads and listens to your thesis and they die of corona, their blood is on your hands. If you can live with that, then you are not human.

  4. sabra


    The Rabbi doesnt have an issue with anyone protecting themselves. He has an issue with FORCING the Tzibbur to ridiculous extremes!!!!!

    • so is the community one community? or is it “ill do whats best for me”. so much for being a people and caring for your brother. maybe you should take less values from the goyishe medina

  5. “I am prepared to make myself available to the community to present the tools needed to make educated evaluations and decisions for their own well-being and that of their families.”

    Please don’t make yourself available.

  6. Who is this random “rabbi”? He does a lot of talking about who we should and should not listen to for a guy no one has ever heard of who is trying to dictate everyone’s positions. Also, how sad and weak do you have to be for a mask to be “abuse”?

  7. The reason the article seems “jumbled” is because it is a PDF with footnotes. The upload to the website was not well done. Simply click on the PDF button at the top and then you can read the entire open letter in the form it was written.

    I want to say thank you to Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith for publishing the thoughts of many who have, until now, been without a voice.

    I am disappointed in the political and religious leadership in America and Israel. The fact that our medical care has become a political football is disgusting. Our religious practice and adherence has been the subject of an attack that does not surprise me, but what does give me great sorrow is to see how our Jewish leaders have capitulated to this attack and, in many cases, have gone farther than even the unelected “health officials” have suggested.

    There are many forces at work with Covid. Lots of money. Lots of power. Be careful about listening to the voices that are not speaking to advance Torah.

  8. Wow! Thank you so much matzav for posting this. Thank you for showing whats really going on. Even if I don’t agree with every piece of this article I believe the public needs to be aware. And schools and shuls cannot close down again!! We believe in Gd

  9. I give the rabbi who wrote this letter a A+ for his words of truth and sincerity waking us all up to all the corruption that we have been locked into with coronavirus.

    How can Rabbonim and doctors be fooled and corrupted into shutting down all schools and shuls when we all know that torah and tefilla keeps the entire world up and running? Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky shlita said to keep the shuls and schools open so how come we didn’t listen to the gadol Hador?

  10. The Corrupted Health Bureaucracy, and the Corrupt media have fooled people to think no one with diabetes, Cancer, Old Age, Heart Disease ever died before, when exposed to Colds, Flus, Pneumonias. Now they very tricky say “ cases”.
    The Numbers of “Positive Cases” are completely unverified test positives! “ Cases” does not mean actually sick. If sick most recover. In NYC PEOPLE DIED ON FAULTY UNSTAFFED, UNMONITORED, VENTILATORS. In other states, Like Maryland, less total people died of Covid than Died last year due to Flu/Pneumonia. And Now in NYC the death rate is extremely low, but they have Duped you into DESTROYING YOUR LIFE AND LIBERTY on a Virus that is not deadlier than any past years Epidemics SARS, H1 N1, Swine Flu, Hong King Flu-

  11. People tend to voice opinions based on what the public wants to hear….. it’s now the “in” thing to mock the Rabbonim and medical health professionals at this point as if we wasted our time up until this point, as if nothing took place over the past six months. Who are we fooling?! Seriously! Are you blind?! People died, and yes, people we all know died during this time – including some of our finest! Don’t we get the message?! We’re not in kindergarten anymore – it’s real and let’s get real already!!

  12. Mass Prolong Masking Mandates on Millions of HEALTHY KIDS and Adults is a Severe violation of our Human and Civil Rights under our Constitution. We are All Now Assumed to Be Permanent Toxic Infectious Entities. Not Covering our Faces by Force, Breathing Fresh Air, is a fundamental freedom. People have been duped to walk into a Prison, but instead of having a Gun at their Backs, there is a “Fear Of Covid” at their backs.

    The Fear Of Covid is a FALSE CONSTRUCT, by Media Propaganda and a Corrupt agenda Driven Health Bureaucracy similar to WWII Goebells and the Media. The Covid Risk is Lower than previous Viruses and Bacterias, the difference is in past years we didn’t test Tens of millions of people. This MUST STOP!!

  13. Do you know the person in the Torah to have his face Covered? HAMAN before he was Hanged. In Islam forced coverings of your face is a sign of Slavery. In the Torah the face of a person is very Important, we are to greet people with a Smiling countenance. Years of Child Psychology research states the importance of Face to face interactions for Human normal development. Regular Face Masks do not Block Virus, which is why they’ve never been mass mandated before. The Torah did not decree that we are all Infectious and need to Cover our faces. Our World is being destroyed- STOP THIS NOW

  14. Firstly you gotta click on the pdf. This article is otherwise unreadable. Bad job matzav for clearly just copying and pasting and not even bothering to read what your about to put out there.
    Secondly he has a lot good points and some extreme ones. You need to use common sense. He’s right that most of the restrictions are unnecessary and counterproductive and not fair. But some common sense precautions were in order. He wants to nullify all restrictions. I think that’s crazy.
    Thirdly his point about all the doctors is very very spot on. They lost all credibility here with their willingness to obviously just parrot CDC rules as medical fact and totally lost all honest thinking. There were some doctors who didn’t do that and those are the guys I respect now.
    Fourthly I can’t blame the rabbonim in real time because of the panic situation made it really foggy and very hard to see clearly. But at least with hindsight 20/20 let’s admit that the rabbonim ruling to completely close shuls and yeshivos were so deeply mistaken and lied to and pressured etc that leaves one to wonder how did Klal Yisroel get to a point that when the gravest decision of the last 60 years needed to be made our rabbonim were played and got it wrong?? That’s the true tragedy here

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlYaDzb0eFs
    California Civil Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas published a video recently to show the devastating consequences of isolating children and forcing them to practice “social distancing” at school.
    She points out that social distancing and isolation was developed 70 years ago by the CIA to break down and torture enemies of state,
    That it is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day AND being an alcoholic,!
    That it doubles the risk of death, and that it destroys the part of the brain responsible for learning.!
    She pointed out that according to the statistics and the CDC, a child’s risk of dying from Covid is 0.0%, and
    No child has passed on Covid to a family member or third party, i.e., they do not transmit.

  16. Is This your rabbi?
    If it is such a deadly virus that has the whole world wearing masks. Why on earth would the used masks be put into the general garbage cans. Not to mention that people throw used masks into shopping carts, parking lots, etc. Why are there no red biohazard disposals everywhere. Biohazard garbage is taken out by trained personnel who cart it away safely and dispose of it properly.

    Also,People reuse the masks. As soon as they leave the place of business, they take the mask off once outside and may drive to the next establishment. Hands carry the germs onto the mask.

    Not only that, secretions, such as saliva, get onto the mask which makes for yet another argument for proper biohazard disposal. Bodily secretions fall under the protocol of blood borne pathogens(BBP). By way of BBP safety protocol safety is achieved by treating each individual as if they have a communicable disease. One must wonder why people required to wear masks are not required to dispose of them properly in red biohazard containers.

    It makes no sense not to follow BBP/biohazard protocol. Why has this not been addressed if a disease so virulent that it mandates every individual to wear a mask.

  17. It’s about time this information is publicized. The plethora of issues the Rav is discussing ranging from the sinister public health agendas and those behind it, to the medical professionals commandeering the religious infrastructure of our communities, are only starting to raise red flags in our community. As we watch our civil and religious rights continue to get disregarded, we are only beginning to realize that the motivations behind this are questionable at best. While I am hardly surprised about the corruption in the political realm, it is from our own communities that I am most taken aback. Why are doctors, rabanim and laymen not aware that there are thousands of frum Jews in Lakewood, Brooklyn and other frum communities across the tri-state area that have been living life regularly for the last few months (no masks, distancing, limiting occupancy…) who have no increased mortality at all? Worse, is that they do know, and still continue to sow fear and anxiety across our communities, resulting in social isolating, economic depression and (least important) compromising on a host of religious matters. There are of course a handful of rabanim that were on top of this from the get-go, yet throngs of over-medically controlled rabanim silenced them, often with threats and public excoriations. (My Rav was one of those that withstood these nisyonos in the face of truth). While no one can say that covid is gone- there are people sick in bed and others in hospitals- we definitely need to get a reality check on what is actually going on. As the Rav mentions- we are being made a mockery of by being told random numbers about positive tests and upticks while we look around at the community and see hardly anything out of the ordinary, much less something that warrants the significant lengths we and are families are going to, to prevent this pandemic. The new school year is starting- it’s time we check back into reality and give our children a wholesome and emotionally healthy experience.

  18. Thank you for taking the time and the courage to be the voice of truth and common sense in a world where truth is absent. We are being lied to every day and allowing non-Torah personalities to dictate our lives. I have terrible pain from this and from the myopic view of only taking opinions from doctors who at present are still unclear about many things about COVID and not realizing that physically safety is really only one small part of a much larger picture (emotional, financial, spiritual, etc).

    Sabra55 – This thinking is like saying we should close schools during flu season because people die from it. Please do your research and you will see this Rabbi knows a lot of real information. Also please be respectful to others even if you dont agree with their opinion.

  19. I didn’t read this. In scrolling through as fast as my thumb would move, I noticed five mentions of Nazis. That’s impressive. What utter stupidity.

  20. Excellent article! So true. This article needs to be sent to all Rabbis who are members of a Vaad and frum doctors and politicians. It is a shanda that til today we are still listening to false Covid narratives by the above leaders. We need to open up our shuls and remove the masks and social distancing. It has caused us so much Sinas chinam and tzoros. My own daughter who is a teacher was threatened by a co-worker that she would call the Task Force if she didn’t put her mask on while she was preparing her room for the first day of school. Jews are mosering fellow Jews. This has got to stop.

  21. You can listen to this, or not. If you or your family R”L gets unwell, will this individual take responsibility? Or will you and your family be left on your own?
    Or you can follow the advice, forget about contemporary medical doctors and academics, you know where it is written, staying home during an epidemic and wearing a mask if we absolutely must get out,

    You do whatever you want. If you want to follow advice because it sounds more convenient to you, or because it appeals to your western “values” of freedom and such, please don’t whine – or bray – later. I know what I will be doing.

  22. I have been working in the medical field for several years while I find some of the conspiracy theories mentioned in rabbi Smith’s article a tad fantastical I can tell you that almost every doctor I have spoken with that has actually taken the time to study the current corona virus we are facing is in agreement that most of the restrictions in effect are preposterous and have either no effect in containing the spread or actually help to continue the spread we are all befuddled as to how common sense is being thrown out the window in lieu of politics,fake science etc. I can also agree with rabbi smith that any sense of moral consciousness has almost completely disappeared from the medical field

  23. Sabra55: Why are you so harsh? The article is about forcing people/society to follow rules that many believe are unnecessary. If someone wants to wear a mask or avoid places that don’t wear a mask, no one is saying they shouldn’t. This article doesn’t say don’t wear a mask. I hope no one dies or gets sick from COVID, but this article would not be the reason. Blood on your hands? Really?

    • so you support adult abortion? because not taking covid seriously is like playing a random game of “lets kill the neighbors”

      • Ah, that’s okay. I’ll take my chances. You’ve got to mix it up a bit every once in a while. Keep life interesting. Don’t be such a party pooper. You can’t walk around with your head hanging in doom and gloom all day. Normal healthy attitude people don’t wear masks.

  24. Sounds like someone was abused by someone in the medical field and has an ax to grind. 15 pages of pure garbage! There were a few statements that are true but to throw the baby out with the bathwater!? True there are some political figures (and doctors) that are power hungry, but that has nothing to do with the facts. Covid is dangerous and everyone should be careful, especially those with high risk of complications.

    It’s quite amusing you are attacking doctors and politicians for fear mongering and you do the same! Scaring people into thinking the world is about to end, bringing in natzis ym”s as a scare tactic.

    The overwhelming majority of rabonim back in March decided to shut down shuls, schools etc. Quite frankly it’s a bizayon hatorah to say they were all bullied and fed incorrect facts causing such extreme measures. At the time it’s what needed to be done and in truth we can’t know how many lives were saved.

  25. This is a long but brilliant letter. This rav is a true leader. We need more of these true leaders. klal yisroel needs guidance in these troubling times.
    Jews used to realize that the non Jews were planning against them in order to destroy their yiddishkeit. This time they have upped their game and changed their strategy; the rules are presented as “public safety” and in the name of “public safety” we are willing to destroy our yiddishkeit, our family structure and our mental stability.

    • This is absurd!!! Do you seriously believe what your saying? You can say doctors/ politicians are power hungry but this is the worst conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard!

  26. Some of the above comments are missing the key point – that the response to Covid has often been improper and r”l it has caused harm, including loss of life r’l !, Hashem should protect us.
    One red flag that I see, is – the strong rejection of hydroxychloquine. It’s a drug that has been used successfully for many years for a variety of ailments. Every drug, has caution considerations. Considering that, a doctor that is shomer Torah uMitzvos, reported success, treating Many covid patients,in the early stage, with hydroxy. & zinc & and an antibiotic, should be taken seriously. Yet there was/is a storm against its use. Why ? A Safe drug, At an Early stage. Supported by overwhelming success, & Nothing better is suggested. !
    I had covid. The hospital (a recognized facility) didn’t do anything for me, except test my blood. At home , with a Dr’s prescription ,I took hydroxy.,zinc, and antibiotic and was cured. I can’t be sure this procedure cured me, as there were no lab tests done. I didn’t have any negative problem from taking it.
    This red flag makes me wonder about the rest that is said. masks (it hurts people wearing them,restricting their breathing, the masks become warm, moist, – an environment for undesirable thing to grow, & then inhale ? ), anti covid vaccine ( limited success with the flu vaccine. When I took the flu vaccine, I became very ill. I’m aware other vaccines (I have taken) have better success), will give immunity to covid ? continually we hear there isn’t immunity to covid, even if you have antibodies, will it need to be taken again every week or … ?
    Bebirkas kesiva vachasima tovah leshanah tova umesuka to everyone !

  27. Finally the truth is emerging.what a righteous rabbi! That speaks what’s right and stands up for yiddishkeit.and to the commenter who said “someone forgot to take their meds” its disrespectful .if that word still has a meaning today.

  28. so so stupid.

    No wonder thousands of intelligent and thinking young adults are running away from your idea of what Judaism is.

  29. Sorry, Folks. The Show is Over. We’re Discovering The Truth About The Virus….Masks Will Be a Thing of The Past Soon Enough…
    So, here we are, over 5 months later and the US Coronavirus death tally sits at 185K+ deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins counter. This is the data source that virtually everyone has fixated on for months (and continues to fixate on).

    Following the CDC’s recent findings that only 6% of the 185K+ deaths were directly caused by Covid-19, there’s been the expected flurry of news articles and statements from health authorities jumping at the bit to dismiss these findings. They’re certainly attempting to keep the throttle on full fear, despite the emergence of increasingly conflicting data. They do this by resorting to ambiguous explanations and outright dubious statements as a means to distort and manipulate the public’s perception of reality. Let me explain what I mean, as it specifically relates to this new data on Covid-19.

    Here’s a quote from a physician named Amit Kaura, who’s cited within a recent article with an obvious agenda to keep the fear level on overdrive:

    “I don’t think people should look at this as only 6 percent of people died of COVID-19 — 6 percent of those people that died only had COVID-19 listed as a cause of death,” Kaura said. “COVID-19 was involved in 100 percent of those mortalities.”

    That’s quite a claim, especially considering the fact that Dr. Kaura failed to elaborate on the specifics of how the virus was “involved” in 100% of those deaths. Was Dr. Kaura personally “involved” with the care for the 185K+ people who have died? Obviously not. So one really has to question why Dr Kaura would make such a careless statement. In order to fully understand why Dr Kaura’s statement is unbelievably asinine, we first need to dig into a few details regarding how we’ve actually been testing for the virus and counting “positive” cases, since the virus’s inception.

    The gold standard being used to count positive cases is called a PCR test. (Polymerase chain reaction). It detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment. In laymen’s terms, the PCR test detects extremely tiny, near non-existent levels of the virus. This means that if someone is tested as “positive”, in no way does a positive result indicate that the person is contagious or will ever be contagious. What the public needs to understand, is that the PCR test does not determine or measure the amount of virus or the “viral load” a person has. It’s simply is designed to detect the absolute smallest amounts of it. In fact, studies have already shown that 90% of people diagnosed as “positive” with Coronavirus are not even carrying enough of it to infect anyone else. This should have been made public ages ago, yet Governors across the US have insisted on using these positive cases as justifiable reasons to destroy businesses and their state’s economy.

    Another equally important fact, is that the PCR test also does not differentiate or determine the cause of a death in a person. If a hospitalized patient dies of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other unrelated health issues, but happens to have had a positive test prior to their passing, in no way does it mean that there was ever enough of the virus in their system that actually “exacerbated” any of their existing health conditions. Despite this fact, hospitals and health care professionals are being instructed to carry out the CDC’s unprecedented policy to count EVERY patient death as a Covid death (or a “Covid complication” death) merely on the basis that a patient tested positive (or was presumed to be positive) at some point in time prior to their death. Essentially what this means, is that the CDC is literally counting deaths “twice” on the federal level. For example, if an individual dies of a stroke, but also happened to have been tested as “positive” for the virus, their death is tallied as both a Covid death AND a stroke death, even though the death certificate on a local level states that the stroke was the primary cause of their demise. The end result? The CDC can now state that there are a massive surplus or an excessive number of deaths this year, that are a “direct” result of the the virus. This is an entirely new level of data manipulation, dishonesty, and fear mongering.

    People often tend to underestimate the amount of non-virus deaths that occur, every year in the world. Below are the top ten causes of death in the US in an average (non-coronavirus) year:

    – 700K people due from heart disease
    – 600K people die from cancer
    – 160K people die from COPD
    – 160K people die from accidents
    – 140K people die from Stroke
    – 116K people die from Alzheimer’s
    – 80k people die from diabetes
    – 50K people die from Kidney disease
    – 45K people die from Suicide
    – 40K people die from Influenza

    There are obviously many other causes of death other than the examples above, however, in total there approx 2.6 million people who die every year in the US alone. To put this into perspective, that figure amounts to approximately 5 people dying every 60 seconds in America. To recap, the CDC has recently (albeit quietly) announced that from the Coronavirus’s current death toll of 185K people, Covid-19 was determined to be the direct cause of death in only 6% of those deaths. This means that less than 12K people have tragically died as a direct result of having contracted the virus. These particular patients no doubt suffered greatly and likely exhibited very severe ARDS-like symptoms and features (including the now famous “ground-glass opacity” finding in the scans of their lungs) However, it should also be noted that such findings in scans are often nonspecific and can occur with a variety of infectious and noninfectious processes. So what do we really know about the remaining 173K people who have died thus far this year, other than they didn’t necessarily die directly from Covid-19? Well, we know (according to the CDC) that they had an average of 2.6 serious, pre-existing conditions, and that they were either tested “positive” before their death or they were a “presumed case”. A presumed case basically means they had a test that came back positive on a local level but was never confirmed. Considering the fact that there have been many different reports of false positives on a local level, having a “positive test” isn’t very useful information, particularly when that person isn’t showing any symptoms of the virus. As bizarre as it may sound, in Tanzania, even a goat and a piece of fruit came back positive for the virus. Yes, that actually happened.

    It should also be noted that every year, otherwise healthy people with no known pre-existing health conditions, tragically die of the Flu. Strangely, despite these tragic and unexpected deaths occurring every Flu season, few have ever been reported on by the main stream media. Given the fact that approximately 30K to 60K people die each year from Influenza, ask yourself whether the CDC has ever implemented such an unprecedented presumptive cases policy during a Flu season? Even more, have health care facilities ever routinely given ANY kind of viral PCR test to every heart attack, kidney failure or car accident patient? So, then why are we doing this now with virtually every hospitalized patient? Given the facts on how PCR tests work and their incapability of determining the spread of the virus or whether someone is likely to die from the virus, perhaps people will finally come to realize that there is indeed a nefarious agenda at play. Perhaps the crazy idea that corruption does in fact exist, will no longer be just a fantasy for fringe thinking conspiracy theorists. The good news (if there is any), is that new data is continuing to emerge — data that will likely validate any skepticism and criticism regarding the Government’s response to this virus.

    [link to missoulian.com (secure)]
    [link to http://www.cdc.gov (secure)]
    [link to http://www.timesonline.com (secure)]
    [link to http://www.fox6now.com (secure)]
    [link to http://www.healthline.com (secure)]
    [link to bioethics.georgetown.edu (secure)]
    [link to http://www.dailymail.co.uk (secure)]
    [link to bpa-pathology.com (secure)]
    [link to minnesota.cbslocal.com (secure)]

    Last Edited by Dr. Calhoun on 09/01/2020 03:00 PM

    Jacksonville, AR

    Over the weekend 1 child tested “positive”. Monday they reported that 23 children and staff were “sent home” to quarantine. That is now up to 28 reported, who knows how many unreported.

    What really happened is contact tracers decided who was lucky enough to go home. The standard is one bedroom, one bathroom for every person in the house. If you have more than that in your family they will take them.

    14 children we know of have been taken from parents and sent to the FEMA camp being run outside of UAMS. That number comes from a count done by parents in the community who know of or are reporting their own children have been taken.

    The school district was well aware of what they were going to do on that Monday. They kept quiet, called in the brown shirts and let everyone drop their kids off that morning…

    This shi t is real. I live in this community and I know many of these families.

    Dont send your kids to school. They will end up in a FEMA camp.

    [link to http://www.fox16.com (secure)]

    [link to http://www.fox13memphis.com (secure)]

  31. Thank you for your insight . There are many respected studies that people can protect themselves from this and most viruses by taking zinc together with quercetin- 2 safe vitamins that work same as zinc with HCQ. Key is to take as preventative or immediately upon any symptoms. Also NAC protects the lungs. There is no reason for people to live in fear. Take logical precautions but by all means take care of your health!


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