Facebook Bans Pro-Trump PAC Ads Through The Election

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A pro-Trump super PAC has had its ads banned by Facebook, according to the Washington Examiner, potentially for 90 days, which would last through the November presidential election.

The Committee to Defend the President is blocked from digital ads on the social media giant for sharing alleged “misinformation,” per the report.

“As a result of the Committee to Defend the President’s repeated sharing of content determined by third-party fact-checkers to be false, they will not be permitted to advertise for a period of time on our platform,” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said in a statement, per the Examiner.

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    • Barr is quiet because Barr only enforces the law instead of making things up. Congress would have to pass a law before Barr could legitimately act. It is a very sad statement that we have so gotten use to the extra-legal actions under the Obama administration that we can’t recognize what actual law actually is. And undoubtedly if Facebook tried this against Democrats under Obama his Attorney general would find all sorts of made-up and novel interpretations of non-existent law to twist Facebook’s arms. Obama’s administration had a loss rate in Supreme Court case that was more than any other modern day President. But the point is that by the time it reached the Supreme Court the Obama administration would have so dragged it out that the elections would have been over.


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