FAKE NEWS: Reports Of A Measles Outbreak In Meron Are Unfounded

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A rumor of a measles outbreak at the United Hatzalah clinic in Meron spread on Wednesday causing fear for the thousands who attend the annual celebrations at the kever of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai.

The Health Ministry, who reportedly sent the message, confirmed that they had sent no such message, according to United Hatzalah President Eli Beer.

“It appears that whoever started these rumors wanted to harm the work of United Hatzalah and scare people who were celebrating at Meron into not coming to our clinic for much needed medical attention,” said Beer. “The people they hurt the most are those who need help in Meron itself. This is appalling and I cannot fathom someone spreading fear to prevent a person in need of medical attention from going to receive help. This is fake news at its worst.”

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  1. The Heath Dept trying to scare the vaxxer fools who inject their children with poison rather than investigating the truth. The anti-vaxxers wouldn’t give a hoot about the message.

  2. Eli Beer is right. These sick out-of-control pro vaxxers are rodfim. They will stoop to new lows just to enforce their warped views on others.

  3. It should be fair to say that vaxxers are fake news lokshen buyers, whether it’s the official mainstream’s narrative on 9/11, on the astronauts’ moon landing in 1969, deep state’s false flags and trust the government blindly.

  4. Our drs. Who are Ehrliche Yiden say to vaccinate our Rabonim and community leaders as well. Hatzalah who are moser Nefesh for us to save life’s on shabbis and Yom Tov. It makes sense to listen to then than to some quacks anti Vaxxers whose propaganda you continue to print.I see they have a good sounding board on your website for their debunked claims.


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