False Alarm Sounded Throughout Israel

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alarm attackAlarms were sounded throughout Israel today due to a malfunction in the alert system, spreading fear throughout the country. Ynet received hundreds of red emails saying the alarms were heard in Tel Aviv and the center of Israel as well as the northern region.

The cause for the alarm, which sounded at around 11:50 am, was not immediately clear. Police’s Northern District said immediately that the alert was due to a malfunction, while the Central District insisted it was a test.

A few minutes later the IDF announced that the alarm’s communications system had malfunctioned.

David Sugarman, who works in Netanya, said he and his colleagues had panicked. “The alarm sounded for at least three minutes, and people¬†were stressed. We opened Ynet and saw that nothing had happened so we calmed down, but it’s terrifying with what’s happening in the Arab countries around us,” he said.

“I was almost killed in the army with friends and it’s scary,” said Roee from Givatayim, a former IDF officer. “You’re sitting at home and suddenly without any prior warning, you hear the alert. What do you do? Is it an earthquake? Is it Ahmadinejad’s swan song? What kind of country allows itself such a malfunction twice in two months?”

Last week alarms were sounded in Beer Sheva following a Grad missile explosion in the city. Resident’s rushed to bomb shelters to avoid injury.




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