Farewell to Vehicular Traffic on Rechov Yaffo


israel-railwayThis weekend, the main street in Yerushalayim will bid farewell to vehicular traffic and take on the official status of a pedestrian walkway.

Rechov Yaffo was constructed 150 years ago during the reign of the Ottoman Turks and so named because it then led travellers out of the city to where the road to Jaffa port began and vice versa. It, runs from the Old City”s Jaffa Gate through the center of Yerushalayim to the Central Bus Station and the main intercity highway to Tel Aviv-Jaffa. There is not an inch of space along its length without a commercial establishment, many of which serve the millions of tourists who pass through the capital each year.

{Read more: Arutz Shevah/Matzav.com}


  1. That’s a shud when I was in isreal, and we had yomtov sheni it was very weird when u walked pst there and there was busses going down the street so I guess that we can say goodbye to that!

  2. there isnt an inch without commercial establishment completely not true there r many houses on rechov yaffo and some shuls and eitz chaim yeshiva

  3. Eitz Chaim Yeshiva has moved out because of the changes, that are meant to turn the street into a major culture spot, with cafes, art galleries and clubs.


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