FBI Official Says There Is No Evidence Of Coordinated Mail-In Voting Fraud Effort

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A senior FBI official told reporters Wednesday that the agency had not seen any “coordinated” mail-in voter fraud effort in advance of November, undercutting President Trump’s repeatedly voiced concerns around vote by mail.

The official told reporters during a press briefing that while the FBI is aware the coronavirus pandemic would likely cause a surge in mail-in ballots this year, “we have not seen to date a coordinated national voter fraud effort.”

“It would be extraordinarily difficult to change an election through this effort alone,” they added.

For weeks, Trump has criticized the practice of voting by mail and repeated unsubstantiated claims that it could lead to an increase in voter fraud, suggesting in one tweet that the November elections be delayed.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. The “Fake Bureaucratic Institution has and will continue to do all it can to undermine the president who caught it with blatant fraud in the worst way.

  2. does anyone still believe the psycho dysfunctional fbi?
    they are the worst crooks & criminals
    defund the fbi, get rid of 50%+ of them

  3. Seems like a game of semantics on the word “coordinated”. But one (like myself) wonders why the DNV never allowed the Obama administration’s FBI to personally examine the actual alleged DNC server that was allegedly hacked (the FBI was only given an alleged “copy” of the server’s contents). My point being, with such limitation on the FBI in a real hands-on investigation not only there but everywhere (where Democrats are involved), the FBI’s take on matters is rather limited.


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