FDA Chief Apologizes for Touting False Plasma Data

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Dr Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, apologized Monday after misrepresenting a key statistic on how effective blood plasma is for treating COVID-19 when announcing an emergency approval measure.

The US on Sunday issued emergency approval for plasma taken from recovered coronavirus patients, so that more people can get access to the experimental treatment.

But Hahn and other senior health officials came under fire from experts after repeating a claim made by President Donald Trump that blood plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients reduced mortality rates by 35 percent.

FDA spokeswoman Emily Miller later tweeted that 35 percent referred to the relative difference in mortality risk between those patients in Mayo’s study who received a high level of antibodies against those who received a low level of antibodies.

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  1. How come the FDA chief decided to disclose the truth? And what about other times they deceived the public? This Deep State organization has little credibility as the CDC and WHO.

  2. FDA is totally in the pocket of big pharma. Will veto hydroxychloraquin a proven safe and inexpensive therapy if given in early stages. They want us to spend BILLIONS on unproven vax

    • Do YOU have BILLIONS to spend? If you do, please feel free to invest them in convalescent plasma, hydroxycloroquine, or Trump’s upcoming vaccine. If you don’t, please stop telling others how to spend THEIR money. Do you support freedom or you don’t?


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