FDR Rated Best President in Survey of 238 Scholars


fdrFranklin Delano Roosevelt is being ranked the top president in U.S. history by 238 scholars surveyed by Siena College. Roosevelt has topped each of the five presidential scholar surveys conducted by the Albany, N.Y.-area college since 1982. Theodore Roosevelt came in at No. 2 in the survey released today, followed by Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Scholars ranked the 43 presidents on attributes such as integrity, intelligence, leadership and communication, as well as their accomplishments.

Lincoln’s beleaguered successor, Andrew Johnson, was rated the worst president. Also, in the scholars’ bottom five, in ascending order, were James Buchanan, Warren G. Harding, Franklin Pierce and George W. Bush.

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  1. FDR was not a friend of the Jews. My grandfather Rav Zvi Elimelech Hertzberg ztz”l lost his job as a Rabbi in 1940 for speaking against Roosevelt in a speech on Yom Kippur for the president’s lack of action to save Yidden from the inferno. My uncle made the following statement in a 1994 documentary entitled “America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference”

    “He got up in the synagogue and he said, ‘Our brothers are being killed in Europe by the Nazis. If we had any Jewish dignity, we would, at the end of this fast, get into our cars and go from Baltimore to Washington. We would picket the White House and we would demand of the president that he use his influence on the Nazis, as the great neutral power, to stop the killings….’

    “That night, within an hour after the end of the fast, my father got a note from the board of this little synagogue firing him for his disrespect for the president.”

  2. I agree to the first two comments! We’re now in the three weeks; let us remember the words of Titus, “Strike at them (the Jews) and rise to the top!” Let us also remember how FDR lived in an era of “world heroes” where vainglory was the mainstay of power and tyranny over the masses. Politically as well, he took much more fame and acclaim than his actual involvement in any “rescue reforms”. (Read the book “FDR and the New Deal”)

  3. FDR was not alone “a good man” in that era. According to Louis Farrakhan, Adolf Hitler was also “a good man”, who lived at the same time; who earned enough admiration in the eyes of FDR that the US did not enter the war until the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


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