Fed: Toeivah Couples Get New Benefits

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eric-holderAttorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday that the U.S. Justice Department will expand many new benefits to toeivah couples who are “married.”

A major one is “spousal privilahege,” the practice of allowing husbands and wives not to testify against each other. A Kentucky court denied that right in September to a woman who did not want to incriminate her partner in a capital murder case.

Surviving spouses will also receive death benefits for law enforcement officials who have died on duty and September 11 victims.

Holder compared the current fight for toeivah rights to the 1960s civil rights movement.

“As attorney general, I will not let this department be simply a bystander during this important moment in history,” he said. Read more.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I have a question maybe someone can help with. Now that unfortunately this issue is out in the open and will be seen out and about in the streets, what are we supposed to say to our children who thus far have no idea such concepts exist?

  2. What should we expect from these extreme far leftests Toeiva supporters who are tragically now running our country — and obviously running it straight into ruination, Rachmana Litzlan – May G-D save us!!!!!!

  3. Don’t the “people” who vote, have to decide on that? Who gives Mr. WitHolder the right to do anything? This unelected criminal should be in prison for the murder of Brian Terry!

  4. ??? ????, ???, ??? ???, ??? ?????

    This guy is a crooked man, unfit for office. If you follow the link above, you will see what the head of the family research said in reaction, that this illustrates the lawlessness of this administration, and that it is counter to what the Supreme Court decided.

  5. Bereishis Rabba 26:5

    Rabbi Huna in the name of Rebbi said, “the generation of the flood was not eradicated from the world until they wrote marriage contracts for toeivah and bestiality.”

  6. Number 1 I can help you!
    Tell them the exact same thing you tell them whenever you pass Mcdonalds or see people driving on Shabbos, dress non-tznuius etc etc.

  7. ‘Don’t the “people” who vote, have to decide on that?’

    The people voted on the Constitution back in 1788, and the Supreme Court (correctly) held that deciding who was legally married was for the states, not the federal government.

  8. To Comment #1. from “Anonymous” I say:


    Yes, we certainly do have quite a big problem on our hands! The idea that “What the bad people do is of no concern to us”
    is simply not true; rather, we see that the more bad things that the bad people do, the more there is trouble and problems for us!

    At some point, we will need to somehow tell our children that these are extreemely sick people who do extremely terrible things. Obviously, we will need a lot of guidance from our Gedolay Torah, Sh’lita, on when and how to do this.

  9. #1 you can tell them that they are best friends and they live together so the government let them say they are married so they can have benefits. They don’t have kiddushin so they are not halachically married but being Jewish married is not the same thing as being non Jewish married.


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