Felder-Shomrim Bike Helmet Giveaway Saves Child’s Life

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On Sunday, June 10th, Senator Simcha Felder, Councilman Chaim Deutsch and Flatbush Shomrim hosted a wildly successful bike safety event. The crowd far exceeded expectations as families turned out in droves to enjoy a day of family fun while registering their bikes with the NYPD and receiving free bicycle helmets. Before the day’s end, Flatbush Shomrim had distributed 1500 free helmets sponsored by Senator Felder to children and teens of all ages.

“Our kids’ safety is always my highest priority and making sure every child riding a bicycle has a good helmet to wear is clearly a lifesaving initiative,” said Senator Felder. “This year we gave out many more helmets than last year and we hope to reach even more children next time.”

On Tuesday evening at 5:31 pm, a call came in to Hatzalah reporting that a car had clipped a 13-year-old boy on a bicycle. The impact threw him backward off his bicycle and his head hit the road. Hatzalah members rushed to the site of the accident on Ave. S in Flatbush only to find that, Baruch Hashem, the young boy was perfectly fine. His helmet had cracked right down the middle as it absorbed the impact and protected his skull from serious injury.

The next day, the young man called Senator Felder’s office to say thank you for the free bike helmet he received just two days before the accident that may have just saved his life.

You can hear his heartfelt message HERE.

“Flatbush Shomrim is grateful to have partnered with State Senator Simcha Felder on our annual bike registration/carnival event that always attracts a crowd who enjoy the great family fun and it really increases safety awareness. We look forward to continuing these important events together,” said Bob Moskovitz, Executive Coordinator of Flatbush Shomrim.



  1. Tremendous.
    We got there around 3:30 and there were no helmets left. I guess our safety doesn’t matter.

  2. It is very nice to give out helmets but I would think that if one can afford a bike, they can buy their own helmet. I don’t see why it’s a public problem.

  3. Giving out helmets when cars are left to speed, is like giving out bulletproof vests to oppose violent criminals, while leaving the criminals alone.

    In both cases, the root of the problems needs to be addressed.

    Measures must be taken against speeding and other forms of dangerous driving. Studies have shown that when cars are speeding, the amount of fatalities and serious injuries, ה’ ירחם, increases. When they are slowed down, on the other hand, damage is significantly less.

  4. shame on you. brooklynite. YOU did not worry about your safety. why did you not already have a hemet? you were expecting the government to supply one for you?!

    • Yes.
      I love the free goodies the government gives out. Hey, why not? I’m commenting from my free Obama/Trump phone. Why should I get any less than what my local Council/assembly/senator receives? They are also welfare cheats. Can’t beat em, join em.

  5. “a call came in to Hatzalah reporting that a car had clipped a 13-year-old boy on a bicycle.”

    So what happened to the driver? Got away with it? No consequences?

    What about all the people who have been hit by cars in the Senator’s district?

    Last year, a frum young man on a bicycle, Chaim Miller Hy”d, was killed by a speeding car at Ocean Parkway & Quentin road on the Friday of Labor Day weekend.

    What is the Senator doing to fight the carnage on the roads?

  6. I am not surprised the Senator Felder is distributing free helmets. He represents a district that is extremely child friendly and he knows that his constituents prize safety for their children. What surprises me is that at a time of an epidemic of traffic violence Senator Felder has not come out as a strong advocate for increased safety cameras at yeshivas and other schools. Cameras have a proven record of deterring drivers from speeding which is a leading cause of traffic deaths. As more yeshiva leaders articulate their need for safety cameras to protect their students, it is important that Senator Felder’s community impresses on him the importance of supporting the life saving bill that is now before the state legislature and could give yeshivas the safety cameras their students need.


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