FEMA to Stop Supplying Cloth Face Masks for Schools

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Federal Emergency Management Agency officials said they will no longer fund cloth face masks in schools throughout the country, according to NPR.

“Supporting schools and other functions — courthouses and other related functions — are not a direct emergency protective measures and therefore they’re not eligible for [federal funding],” Keith Turi, a FEMA official, said during a phone call, according to NPR.

“There are costs that are being incurred and required based on COVID, but they are all not necessarily emergency protective measures, and they’re not necessarily all FEMA-eligible,” Turi added.

FEMA considers masks necessary to the basic operation of schools in the fall and does not think they should be categorized as emergency equipment.

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  1. No reason the government should be supplying them. Just make your own! A few pieces of fabric (can use old cloth items around your house), shoe laces or elastic, and a threaded sewing needle! Yes a sewing machine will make it easier but there is no excuse for people to not have a couple of these masks already. Target sells them for a few dollars. Wash in the sink with hot water and soap or throw them in your washing machine.


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