Fierce Backlash After New York City Tweet Features Palestinian Flag, Omits Israeli One

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A tweet on Wednesday by the New York City government encouraging participation in the 2020 US Census prompted a fierce backlash over the fact it included an emoji of a Palestinian flag while omitting an Israeli one.

“No matter where you’re from, if you live here, you’re a New Yorker. We all count in the census,” the tweet said, featuring 15 flags.

Many Twitter users were quick to respond with emojis and images of Israeli flags.

“NYC is one of the most Jewish cities in the world,” one commenter wrote. “But City Hall doesn’t include an Israeli flag in this tweet. We all know exactly what’s going on here.”

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  1. De Blasio Helped the Chareidim against the attack on yeshivos led by Yaffed Reform Jewish Humanists and other atheist groups. He helped in the battle against metzitzah b’peh. I disagree with his stance on crime as much as anyone, but don’t forget these tovos. Charlie Hall is not far wrong in this case.

  2. Mayor DeBlasio helped us when our Yeshivos were attacked by a coalition of atheist/anti-Torah groups and Yaffed. He was helpful to chareidim in the war against metzitzah b’peh. I am as oppposed to his policies on policing as anyone, but let’s not forget how he helped us when people stood up against the Torah. Charlie Hall is not far wrong here.


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