Fiveish Back to Work as Oorah’s Auction Kicks Off With Early Bird


monkey-with-feivishAt Oorah, excitement is in the air as the Auction everyone waits for is about to kick off! We caught up with the Auction’s mascot, a 6’4″ walking and talking five dollar bill named Fiveish. It was hard to keep up with him as he strode briskly along Lakewood’s Swarthmore Avenue towards Oorah’s headquarters.

“Five dollars doesn’t get you very far nowadays,” Fiveish explained apologetically. “I have to stretch myself pretty thin most of the time. At this point in the year, however, people get very enthusiastic. You see, Oorah’s the only Auction that still offers ALL of its prizes for only five dollars!” Fiveish gestures animatedly as he enters Oorah’s building. “Just wait – there’s so much in store for this year’s Auction!”

Along with the grand opening of their much-anticipated Auction, comes the best incentive to order now – the Early Bird raffle!

What’s different this year is that the Early Bird is being run together with their famous 8 Nights 8 Flights campaign.
Here’s how it works:
Donate a minimum of $36 to the Auction online at before December 2, the first day of Chanukah
You will be automatically entered to win not one, but FIVE free tickets to Israel EACH NIGHT of Chanukah.

To get 8 chances to win FIVE free tickets to Israel, be sure to send in your $36 donation before December 2, the first day of Chanukah!

Visit to enter Early Bird today.


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