Foremost Bedikas Tolaim Expert Rav Moshe Vaya Speaks in Lakewood

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rav-moshe-vaya[Video and photos below.] Rav Moshe Vaya, one of the foremost Torah experts in the world on insect infestation in food and author of Bedikas Hamazon K’Halacha, addressed a large crowd last night at Park Terrace Hall in Lakewood, NJ. 

The bulk of his presentation focused on insect infestation in fruits and vegetables. Among the items he discussed were that it is almost virtually impossible to clean strawberries properly; fresh corn on the cob contains thrips between the corn and the cob that cannot be easily be detected; and raisins are very often seriously infested.

 The issue of anisakis worms in fish was discussed very briefly during his remarks, but was the main topic of the questions posed to Rav Vaya following his presentation.

The following is a short clip of Rav Vaya answering questions following his presentation. Click below to watch:

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See below for photos:

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  1. I was present when someone asked Rabbi Belsky about corn on the cob and he said that ha had someone check the American corn on the cob and it was found to be insect free. He further stated that he is aware of what R’ Vaye says but American corn seems to be different.

  2. #2 — The poskim who assured the Indian shaitels STILL maintain that assur. They were right then and they are right now.

  3. We are becoming victims of chumraization.
    Let there be as much interest in what comes out of our mouths as the preoccupation with what goes into our stomachs.

  4. What I don’t understand is:
    When my grandparents lived in europe where they didn’t have anything like the kind of agricultural technology they have now a days with chemicals and natural agents, processes and refrigeration no fruit or vegatable as a group was found to be infested -> the piece of fruit or vegatable was inspected, if it was infested it was not used and if it was not infested it was used.

    How is it, that all of a sudden entire categories seem to be so badly infested….

    Note: They used to LOVE strawberries in their area…

  5. “He further stated that he is aware of what R’ Vaye says but American corn seems to be different.”

    R’ Vaye is saying this about American corn!!

    Apparently R’ Vaye holds you cannot eat any corn on the cob, even in America.

  6. Can we just please realize that there is a mchlokes haposkim on many issues? Every time a post with a psak goes up we are quick to refute it with the knowledge we have. If your Rov says something and you hear a different Rov be machmir no one is saying you need to be machmir. As long as you listen to everything your Rov says you can feel confident that you are on the right path in life.


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