Former Obama Official Confirms Steele Dossier Was Given To State


Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Jonathan Winer, has confirmed a claim made by Republicans that former British spy Christopher Steele and allies of Hillary Clinton gave him intelligence reports claiming that President Trump was compromised by the Russians.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post titled “Devin Nunes is investigating me: Here’s the Truth,” Winer confirms the chain of events Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) detailed in a criminal referral for Steele, in which he asks the Justice Department to investigate the former intelligence agent for allegedly lying to the FBI about his contacts with the media.

That criminal referral states that “a friend of the Clintons” approached an Obama State Department official with a document making claims about Trump, which the official then passed on to Steele, who was at the time a paid informant for The FBI.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Why is there no word mentioned about the CIA paying $100,000 to a Russian operative for dirt on Trump to support Steele’s anti-Trump dossier which Hillary, the DNC and FBI paid for?


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