Former Trump Press Secretary Sanders Joins Fox News

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Fox News, part of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s empire, signed former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a contributor to provide political commentary and analysis across all of its outlets.

Sanders, 37, will make her debut on “Fox & Friends” during its next live audience show on Sept. 6, the network said Thursday.

She brings a familiar Republican face to Fox News, which is part of Murdoch’s Fox Corp. and ranks as the most-watched cable network in prime time. The channel averaged about 2.43 million viewers a night in the past year.

Sanders served as White House press secretary for President Donald Trump for almost two years, starting in July 2017. She joined the administration as deputy press secretary in January of that year and also worked for Trump’s election campaign.

“Fox News has been the No. 1 news organization in the country for 17 years running and I am beyond proud to join their incredible stable of on-air contributors in providing political insights and analysis,” she said in a statement.

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  1. Will Sanders associate with Fox Fake News? Although they’re not as fake as the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and the NYT, they’re still at least 70% fake news. Why didn’t she stay as President Trump’s Press Secretary where she did a great job?

  2. Brian Stelter, chief media correspondent for CNN, is fuming about her joining Fox News. He tweeted “How should ex-White House officials be treated when they spend months misleading the public, then seek positions of fame and privilege? We are living through a period of official lying that’s unprecedented in our lifetimes. The president misspeaks so much, with such gusto, that it’s become the defining feature of his administration. This isn’t about “disagreement,” as you claimed. It’s about deception.”

  3. Only Democrats are allowed to go into television once they leave the White House. Republicans are evil bigoted racists so they are not allowed to be in public anymore. They should all be thrown in detention centers.


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