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Due to the increase incidents of ticks carrying Powassan (POW) virus, Kiryas Yoel and New Square Hatzalah instructed their members to respond to tick calls as a regular call even on Shabbos, if needed.

Some sources say that it takes as little as 15 minutes for transmission of this meningitis-like virus and not the 24-48 hours of lyme disease. Although POW only had 16 cases in NY in the past 10 years, for Hatzalah purposes it is enough chashash sekana. There is no treatment for this virus, only supportive.



  1. Just yesterday my son’s yeshiva went to a park in Staten island for a end of year bbq. When they got back to yeshiva my son’s friend felt itching on his stomach. A tick got through his shir,t tzitzes, and undershirt and was lodged on his stomach. The tick was sent by the doctor for testing

  2. I want to make it VERY CLEAR!!!! IT IS FALSE INFO that it takes 24 hours of a tick being attached for Lyme disease..

    If the Poswsson Virus comes from the same ticks salvia as Lyme disease, shouldn’t it also take only 15 minutes to get Lyme. There is a lot if outdated info out there. Many doctors are NOT up to date with Lyme disease.

    Please do your own research. Lyme disease can become a chronic disease. But you can prevent it from knowing the facts.


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