Frum NY Couple Sues After Being Rejected For Housing Assistance For Having Too Many Children

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An Orthodox Jewish couple sued two New York City agencies that supervise affordable housing lotteries Tuesday, saying their family of eight faced religious discrimination when they were repeatedly rejected because of their family’s size.

In the Manhattan federal court lawsuit, Chaim Katz and Chana Katz maintain they faced discrimination from two affordable housing lotteries when they applied for a three-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2017.

Their lawyer, Justin Kelton, said they were repeatedly rejected on the basis that the two adults and six children had “too many members” in their family for affordable housing.

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  1. This is happening right now with many of our own arrogant greedy heimishe landlords. We’ve been the victims many times over the years in Brooklyn. Even though it’s a 3/4 bdrm 2 bth apartment, they only want a new married couple WITH NO KIDS. Why does a newly married couple need to pay for such a big apartment when they are kimat never home and go away every Shabbos?! Do you know how many times we and our chaveirim have heard that from these evil landlords. Now, of course I didn’t report it. That would be mesira. I only wish the worst for these landlords. They’ll get what’s coming to them one of these days.

    • When the Landlord in question is a private person he has no chiyuv to rent his property to you. Forcing people to sell/rent things to other people against their will is Socialism.

  2. I’m sorry, but it’s not your “right” to have affordable housing. That’s NOT in the constitution! That’s in the leftist constitution so that they can have you in their clutches forever. Practicing your religion, yes, that’s in the Constitution, but that’s it.

    If you wanted to have more affordable housing, for gosh sakes don’t look in the Lower East Side! There’s other places too. Find something perhaps in parts of Brooklyn, Queens, even Staten Island if you want something more affordable within a Jewish community. How about even looking outside New York State? There are plenty of places in New Jersey where if you are from the Lower East Side you will fit in very well. How about even outside the New York Metro area? There are lots of Jews across the fruited plain, in lots of wonderful communities.

    • Hey idiot. The LES happens to be one of the most affordable neighborhoods in all of NYC. Apparently you can’t fargin others. Pheh.

  3. Not taking sides here but how a policy of not giving housing assistance to a family bigger than a certain size RELIGOIUS discrimination?

    If there is an across the board law not allowing assistance to ANY family larger than a certain size then the rule does not seem to have any religious connation.. Even if religious families are more likely to be affected by it.

    Both Halacha and lhavidl secular law recognize the distinction between a law TARGETINFG a religious practice and a general law affecting everyone that also makes a religious practice more difficult


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