Ft. Hamilton Pedestrian Island Places Toddler In Harms Way While Hatzolah Tries To Get To Hospital

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island-boro-parkAn irate and concerned father contacted Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn after treatment for his 15-month toddler was delayed when a Hatzolah ambulance could not navigate around the Fort Hamilton pedestrian islands while en route to Maimondes Medical Center. The little girl had choked on a candy at a Chanukah party, and was being taken by Hatzolah volunteers to the emergency room for observation.

The incident occurred this past Tuesday, just after 10 PM, at a home located in the low 40s and 16th Avenue in Boro Park. After the child began choking, Hatzolah was called, and the candy was dislodged. As a precaution, Hatzolah took the little girl to Maimonides, usually a three minute trip, especially in the late evening. Instead, Hatzolah got stuck on Fort Hamilton Parkway behind a truck which was attempting to park, and the pedestrian islands prevented the driver from bypassing the truck. The 15-month old girl did not arrive at the emergency room for a full seven minutes.

Hikind noted that it is ironic that these islands were allegedly installed to promote “senior safety,” even as they continue to endanger lives. “Every day that the DOT refuses to remove these islands, they are taking chances with people’s lives,” Hikind, a vociferous critic of the pedestrian islands, said. “It’s a dangerous game the DOT is playing.” A man in cardiac arrest actually died last month in the ambulance after traffic was snarled because of the pedestrian islands.

Hikind plans to continue fighting the DOT to remove the islands.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter} 


  1. I don’t live in BP or Brooklyn, but travel there about once a week. I travel through ft Hamilton and the island is quite dangerous.

    I think one of the reasons that its so difficult to get them to remove this island is because credit is not being given for the good in the project. i saw other streets, such as bay pkwy and ? where they installed it and it is helpful. They made a turning lane on that ft Hamilton corner coming from the other way.

    Wouldn’t a little chanifah and allowing them to look good be more helpful?


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