Ga’avad Of The Eidah HaCharedis Gives A Brocha To Those Who Refrain From Voting

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The Ga’aved of the Aida Hachareidis, Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, spoke at an asifa which took place in Yerushalayim against the upcoming Israeli elections and offered a brocha to those who refrained from taking part in the elections.

“Anyone who will refrain from voting and will not take part in uprooting the religion, I give him personal brocha,” the Ga’aved began. “He will leave generations of yirei shamayim, and he should have nachas from all his children and grandchildren.”

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  1. Ridiculous. Stop complaining about the system, and instead vote in the system you want. But I know I’m talking literally to the walls

    • You’re not talking to the walls. You’re giving your opinion in spite of the fact the Divrei Yoel, who arguably learned at least 100 blatt Gemora more than you, and with a bit more depth, and whose understanding of the word probably surpasses yours somewhat, felt differently. You are certainly entitled, but the Satmar Rebbe certainly has a right to ask you for Torah proofs to your opinion. What are the chances Rabbeinu Yoel already thought of those proofs and disregarded them?

  2. bh on the other hand we have a lot of gedolim of todays days and rebbis from the previous generations that promised bigger mitzvos and bruchos , all these kanoim are the ones who lead us to trouble later , as rav chaim said their sons will be like them , and they will suffer from lapid and gants,

  3. To a Yeshivah mahn nachas means the kinder and ainiklach should be talmiday chchomim and give mire and mire people nachas as well.

  4. I was taught some years ago that Yirei Shamayim is not provided by Heaven, but one must work on it. Moshe Rabbainu says (then and to all future generations of Jews): ועתה ישראל מה ה’ אלוקיך שואל מעמך, כי אם ליראה את ה’ אלוקיך Why didn’t Moshe just give a simple bracha instead, saying don’t vote and your future generations will have automatically Yirei Shamayim?

  5. Matzav: What’s the point of putting this on your website?
    Everyone knows your opinion. Most of the people that read this website don’t have to deal with this difficult question. And for those that feel that it’s a simple question please read sefer “baos hazman” from Rav Reuven Grozovsky Zt”l.

  6. Reb yolish was a dass yachid and so is the gavvad. The fact that they learned 100 more blatt doesnt change the fact that they are a dass yachid.

  7. Go ahead and not vote, but that’s your right only if you don’t take money from “the State,” ie send your kids only to privately funded schools, not take bituach leumi, etc. If you do take from the government, well, that’s called being hypocritical. The point of voting is to make the best of what’s a less than ideal situation, a secular government in the Land of Our Forefathers. Let’s just make it as easy as possible for frum Jews to live here.


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