Gafni Asks Mark Zuckerberg to Attend Knesset Hearing Over Fake Account


moshe-gafniWhen Facebook failed to respond to his request to shut down a fake account in his name, MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) decided to deal with it on his own – and invited Mark Zuckerberg, the popular social network’s founder and CEO, to a special Knesset hearing on the matter.

After discovering the fake account, Gafni decided to use his prerogative as the Knesset’s Science and Technology Committee head and called a special session on the matter of forged online accounts.

In the letter sent to Zuckerberg, Gafni invited him “to partake in a thorough debate which will deal with protecting the citizens’ rights in the age of the Facebook social network.”

“I’m not worried only for myself, but wonder how a common citizen can defend himself from such acts,” Gafni wrote.

A committee head has no authority to summon anyone against their will – and most definitely not a foreign national. Zuckerberg would be welcomed as “a guest of honor,” the MK concluded his letter.

As of Sunday night, the fake account had garnered over 300 “likes,” while some people warned the person behind it that posing as someone else was a criminal offense.

Source: Times of Israel

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  1. Yes, fake accounts are a real problem. They are similar to people who post anonymous comments online. Both cases fall into the possible slander area of jurisprudence. As all good Jews know, slander and gossip are prohibitions and are mentioned as part of the 613 mitzvot.

  2. Agree with R. Gafni, how can this be stopped? Can Mark Zuckerberg prevent this? Facebook should be every1 RED LINE,,,beware of the Internet and its social connections.

  3. To Truther,

    You have just proved my point !

    Why aren’t you good to your screen moniker and post your real name ?

    What is inane are derogatory comments made that add nothing to a discussion. In an open forum village-like atmosphere various people have a voice and their identities are transparent. The Jewish people previously had great respect for open discussions. Witness the great Talmudic debates that went on and the Sanhedrin meetings of yore. The deliberations at Solomon’s Royal Court must have also been very interesting to behold.

    Who is afraid of the truth ?

  4. Maybe we can get Mark to donate some of his money to his Jewish brothers sitting and learning and in that way earn some Olam Haba? What a great opportunity.


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