Garner Zechusim Before Yom Kippur


chofetz-chaim-yom-kippur-campaignAn anonymous donor is willing to match any donation received over $1,000 to Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens that is donated and paid before Tuesday 3 p.m.

That is twice the zechus for each donation.

It cost the yeshiva $5,000 per year to sponsor each kollel member . If you donated today $5,000, for example, the anonymous donor will match your donation and you get the merrit of sponsoring two kollel members for the price of one.

This baal tzedakah is doing this to help the yeshiva fundraise money quickly for its huge budget.

For more information, call Rabbi Yaakov Gifter at 718-268-4700 ext. 114 or email

Credit card donations accepted.

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