Gas Drops To 77 Cents In Michigan

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gas pumpGas prices, just below $2 nationwide based on the average cost of a gallon of regular, have dropped to 77 cents at one station in Houghton Lake, Michigan, according to GasBuddy. The price is due in part to a price war. Two stations close by are selling regular for $.95 a gallon.

The 77 cent gas is available at Bacon and Bridge Market. The Marathon station at 9286 West Lake City Road and the Citgo station at 9469 West Lake City Road are selling 95 cent gas.

Iran sanctions have been lifted which will wash the world with more oil. By some estimates, the country can export 500,000 barrels a day. The current national average is $1.90. As crude collapses toward $25, gas prices are on their way down, again.

In several states, the average price for a gallon of regular gas has dropped below $1.70 and according to GasBuddy, prices in these states continue to drop. Among them are Oklahoma at $1.57, Missouri at $1.63, Alabama at $1.66, South Carolina at $1.66, Arkansas at $1.66, Kansas at $1.67, and Tennessee and Texas, and Missouri at $1.68. Read more at 24/7 WALL STREET.

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  1. Well, yeah, that makes sense. Of course the price of gas is going to be the cheapest over there. Come to Brooklyn. I just filled up. It cost me $2.29 a gallon (BP on Coney Island Avenue, N&O) using my credit card.

  2. Getting fat and happy on these low prices is the worst thing we can do. We’re lucky for the respite from high prices, but we must go full speed ahead with both exploration and technological development of alternative fuel sources. Oil is a finite resource and at some point China’s economy will improve and OPEC will get its act back together.

  3. Some of the same folks who blamed Obama for high gasoline prices a few years ago will be blaming him for low gasoline prices today.

    There are a lot of reasons why gasoline prices are higher in NYC than most of the rest of the country. There are no refineries in the US east of the Hudson so the fuel has to be shipped over the Hudson via truck or barge. Rents are higher. Operating costs in general are higher. Many neighborhoods have no service stations so there is less competition. Taxes are higher to pay for the massive transportation infrastructure. I could go on and on….

  4. Per the “gasbuddy” website, prices per gallon currently average $1.749 in New Jersey and $2.129 in New York State. Per the “taxfoundation” website, in July 2015 taxes per gallon were 14.50 cents in New Jersey and 45.99 cents in New York State. Sometimes it really is that simple.

  5. I hear what you’re saying, but that’s not “fair”. Why cant Obama pay the difference for us? Its only tax dollars anyway. If it could be used for free cell phones, internet service, and killing babies, WHY CANT IT BE USED TO LOWER OUR GAS PRICES?! Something stinks over here. Why would Obama want to make it harder for fellow Blacks? After all, they also drive and live in this City. Something has to be done.


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