Gen. Kelly: Trump Wanted to Pull Out of NATO

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Former White House chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly said one of his most challenging tasks was convincing President Donald Trump not to pull of NATO, according to a new book.

New York Times correspondent and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Schmidt is set to release “Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President,” on Tuesday.

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    • thats an idiotic statement. we would by default be throwing away a position in which we lead. sure destroy everything that’s oversees and costs money. and when we have an attack on our shores or a country in Europe is invaded and they flal like dominoes trump will laugh to the bank. because the genius thinks he has nothing to learn.

  1. What a spin. the President demanded they justify the money spent on, among other things, NATO. So I ask every tax payer out there – should or should not the President demand accountability on the spending of taxpayer money? They call that “authoritarian”. I call it doing what he was elected to do.. Aren’t these the same generals went ballistic against such things as taking US troops out of those costly war zones?

    From the way this guy talks, one could imagine the thought process involved. How dare the President demand that his underlings justify their decisions. Obviously the President is elected to front for the military.

    • Actually, according to numerous sources, he was really planning on pulling out. Read The Room Where It Happened for a detailed account.

      • Yes – he twisted the arms of NATO members to (nominally) pay their fair share of costs by using such a threat. Not that the new arrangement is all that perfect per se, but it is the principle of the thing – they admitted the existing system was nor fair and they committed to take matters seriously.

  2. I’m no Trump fan but I still don’t think this guy is a hero for getting the US to stay in NATO.

    The (alleged) fact that Trump is willing to reevaluate such alliances and then willing to be convinced to keep them is arguably a GOOD thing about him.

    It contradicts the media picture of him being an impulsive jerk who does everything without thinking or listening to anyone.

    ( Trump, I don’t support. The media, I am anti )

    • no its just the fact trump can’t think beyond his nose. and is willing to destroy anything he can’t understand. if you want russia eating central and eastern Europe and even turkey dismantle nato


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