Gerrer Roshei Kollel Call for Shortening of Bein Hazemanim

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50 roshei kollel in the Gerrer community in Israel, have signed a statement calling for the shortening of bein hazemanim after Sukkos.

The letter calls for the zeman in Gerer yeshivos at the end of the months of Tishrei and Av to begin earlier, not waiting for the start of the following month, as doing so, it says, “has no validity.” By starting the zeman earlier, the talmidim will not lose “precious days of learning.”

This year, in particular, the letter calls for the winter zeman to start on Sunday, 28 Tishrei, October 30, not waiting for Rosh Chodesh on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Beautiful! If only all yeshivos will follow suit. We need extra protection during bein hazmanim. last year during bein hazmanim all the stabbings started r’l.

  2. Yeshivat Har Etzion always starts choref zman a couple of days before rosh chodesh cheshvan. It also ends choref zman about 4 days after rosh chodesh nissan and starts kayitz zman on 26 nissan approximately


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