Gestetner: Thompson Has No Support Among Orthodox Jews at This Time

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thompsonBy Yossi Gestetner

A report yesterday morning suggests that former NYC mayor candidate Bill Thompson has strong support among Orthodox Jews in NYC for another run, and the candidate for the 2013 race is courting the Orthodox Jewish Community.

However a brief analysis by GestetnerUpdates.Com of news articles, blog posts, tweets, online comments and news paper reports within the Orthodox Jewish/Hasidic Communities shows, that Bill Thompson at this time is a total non-issue on the minds of news makers, opinion-shapers, voters or bloggers in the Jewish Community. His name rarely showed up the last half year in any of the above outlets.

In addition, he has yet to appear at recent Orthodox Jewish event. If he did, few people are aware of it since it didn’t make it into the news or into the multiple picture publications within the Hasidic Community.

Furthermore, most mentions of the NYC 2013 Mayoral Race in Jewish media and circles are discussed and reported upon only in the context of Comptroller John Liu making a run. In addition, anecdotal evidence suggests that the votes Thompson received among Jews in 2009 was as a protest to Mayor Bloomberg, rather than a jubilation of backing among Orthodox Jews for Thompson.

{Gestetner Updates/ Newscenter}


  1. Matzav, why do you even waste your time printing this garbage?! These so called high school drop outs, “experts” don’t know what their talking about!

  2. time for the phoney’s to keep quite i voted for him last time and will again as a frum dem he is the only moderate with intelligence in this contest so far but wait shelly will back a party hack


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