Gilad Shalit Now Working as a Fundraiser


gilad-shalit3​From Switzerland to Brazil, from Argentina to Australia, Gilad Shalit is sweeping crowds with his simple, but moving message: “I want to thank you all for keeping me in your hearts and working to secure my release during those long and hard years of captivity.”

In recent months, the former hostage has been visiting the various Keren Hayesod-UIA campaigns around the world, raising money for Israel.

Click below to watch the Channel 2 report by Dafna Liel:

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Wow.This is wonderful news. There was no question when Gilad was released that he would need a refuas hanefesh and refuas haguf, and that he can face crowds like this and travel is phenomenal. May he use his kochos in ways that bring him fulfillment, and nachas to the RBSh”O.


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